John Carmack: "a Sonic game that isn't locked at 60 fps is a crime against nature."

Master of Doom and Oculus VR CTO says that Sonic Boom should be locked at 60 frames per second.

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Co-creator of Doom and Chief Technical Officer at Oculus VR John Carmack said on Twitter that "a Sonic game that isn't locked at 60 fps is a crime against nature."

Carmack was responding to a tweet by Adam Johnson, a Technical Designer at Crytek, which created the CryEngine 3 Engine that Sonic Boom is being built with. If you've played the Crysis games, you know that it's a very impressive engine, capable of rendering huge, lush environments. It should be a good fit for Sonic Boom as long as Sonic can run through those environments quickly and at 60 frames per second, as Carmack said.

As GoNintendo pointed out, a GDC 2013 licensee showcase trailer for CryEngine 3 starts out by showing several lush jungle scenes credited to Sonic Boom developer Big Red Button. We can now clearly see that those are environments build for Sonic Boom, with some landmarks appearing in the recently released trailer for the game.

Sega announced Sonic Boom earlier this week, saying the game will feature traditional Sonic elements (speed) alongside exploration, combat, and a tethering mechanic. Sonic Boom, or at least the Wii U version, appears to be designed around 4-player cooperative play. The Wii U version of the game is being developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time developer Sanzaru Games handling the 3DS version.

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