Joel McHale Talks About Madden, Pitches His Own Video Game

Actor Joel McHale recently appeared on a video game podcast to go in-depth about the time he was good at Battlefield and a dream game he calls "Wine Cellar."


Actor Joel McHale recently appeared on the video game podcast Good Game Nice Try, opening up about his own video game tastes and even jokingly pitching his own game concept. The lengthy chat included thoughts on Madden, character creators, and a game McHale calls "Wine Cellar."

McHale calls himself an old man and pokes fun at his own skill level, though he does say that he was pretty good at Battlefield games a few years back. He also said that those seeking to learn football should just play Madden for a month, because the complexity of knowledge about plays and options took him years to learn when he actually played football in real life. They also discussed character creators, which McHale said he doesn't really bother with despite being "deeply concerned" about his appearance. But while he plays shooters and horror games, his real dream seems a lot more relaxing.

"I'd like a video game wine cellar, where you go into a cellar and start popping open super expensive bottles that you could not afford in real life," he said. The goal of the game, he said, is to drink it all before 12 noon. Later, he mentioned that Wine Cellar multiplayer would consist of friends vomiting while he puts on an album.

McHale is known primarily for starring in the sitcom Community and hosting the talk show The Soup, though he has also hosted video game events like the 2013 Spike Video Game Awards and the 2010 Ubisoft E3 press conference. Good Game Nice Try is hosted by Aaron Bleyaert of Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer segments, and Twitch streamer Sonja Reid aka OMGitsfirefoxx.

Asked for his best and worst game moments, McHale just took a moment to appreciate the medium itself. "Every day one gets to play a video game, that's a good day," he said.

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