Joe Lee, Riker

A profile of Joe Lee, a Riker of The Division, for Stories of The Division. Sponsored by Ubisoft.

"They said bustin’ out of Rikers was impossible. Turns out all you need is a good ol’ fashion prison riot - then you just haul ass. By the time we got out, the bridge to Queens was in lockdown so a few of us stole some patrol boats and took 'em to Manhattan. Had no idea that it was under quarantine. Wound up in Midtown with a bunch of other, uh, let's call 'em self-paroled gentlemen.

“For days we're holed up, cold and hungry. Watchin’ as these National Guard trucks roll right by us, luggin’ food probably for some rich bastards. Same ol’ crap: we starve, and they get silver platters. We ain't got silver...But we got a guy who knows IEDs. And then we start gettin’ ideas. So he plants an explosive see, right there in the road. Give the signal, truck comes -- BOOM! Big ol’ fireball. We rush in to grab what we can before it all burns up, black smoke pouring out, can't see nothin'. One of these Guardsmen falls out the passenger door coughing his lungs out and starts sprayin’ bullets! Ain’t lookin’ where he's shooting ‘cause of all the smoke. I got blood in my eyes, blood from three different guys all over my clothes -- my guys, my friends. But the rest of us got away with a dozen crates of beans, soup, canned fruit.

“They trap us in the city like animals, no law and order, keep the food for themselves and, what? Expect us to go along with it like good little boys and girls? Me and my crew, the only thing we're guilty of is refusin’ to lay down and die. And since nobody's in charge anymore, we takin' charge. We takin' over. Whole city's ours now, and there ain't nobody left to stop us.”

Stories of The Division offers an intimate look into the lives of 20 fictional New Yorkers living in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division. These conversations are set during the early stages of the outbreak. This series was written and produced by Studio 61 of CBS Interactive in collaboration with Ubisoft.

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