Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, Robert Pattinson's Batman Won't Meet, Director Says

"No, definitely not."

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Joaquin Phoenix's Joker and Robert Pattinson's Batman won't ever meet on screen. Joker movie director Todd Phillips said in a recent interview that he doesn't foresee the characters interacting with each other in future movies.

"No, definitely not," he told Variety when asked about the possibility of the two iconic DC characters coming together.

At the Toronto International Film Festival this week, Phillips shared more insight. He reiterated that he does not think Phoenix's Joker exists in the same DC Universe as Pattinson's Batman.

"I don't see [Joker] connecting to anything in the future," he said. "This is just a movie."

Joker is a standalone origin story for the character, telling the story of how Arthur Fleck became the villainous Joker. Looking ahead, Phillips said his version of Joker is just one of the possibilities of storytelling for the famed bad guy. "In the states, comic books are our Shakespeare it seems, and you can do many many versions of Hamlet," Phillips told Variety. "There will be many more Jokers, I'm sure, in the future."

Also in the Variety interview, Phoenix revealed that he was initially apprehensive about playing Joker. But in the end, it turned out to be a career highlight for the three-time Oscar nominated actor.

"I mean honestly, it wasn’t an easy decision at first," Phoenix said. "I didn't f**king know. I didn't. But then there was something that was drawing me toward it. It just evolved as we worked together. It started becoming something more than I anticipated. It was one of the greatest experiences of my career."

Joker premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was shown again at the Toronto International Film Festival this week; it premieres in theatres on October 4. As for Pattinson's Batman movie, the Matt Reeves-directed film is scheduled to come to cinemas in 2021.

GameSpot's Joker review scored the comic book movie a 10/10. "It might make you uncomfortable, and it will no doubt stay with you long after the curtains close; great movies often do," reviewer Michael Rougeau said.

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Avatar image for pillarrocks

Works well as a standalone movie.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

That's THE best news I've hesrd about sparkle-Batman yet.

I love the direction they took w/Joker, and it clearly needs no goofy superhero shenanigans to screw it up. No sequels, no prequels, no TV series -- let the work stand on its own.

Avatar image for naruto945

Ya blew it DC!

Avatar image for defaultuser1221

This director has no business making superhero films if he can't think outside of each individual movie. The idea of meetups and mashups between films is what made Marvel movies into a multi-billion dollar industry. Just the idea of knowing there is zero chance of them meeting in future movies immediately makes these movies less appealing. He just wants to do his one-and-done movie then get out of it all together. Well if that is the case, then stop making your film and step aside for someone who will do the franchise more justice please.

Avatar image for dts15

@defaultuser1221: Step aside and let someone who will appreciate a good movie go see it. The Joker is not a superhero and this sure as hell is not a superhero movie, which was kind of the whole point of it. If you’d rather have a setup for what might be a quality film later down the road rather than what is by most accounts a really good movie are the problem not the director.

Avatar image for richdorato

All Marvel movies essentially look and feel (and are rated) the same. It works well, but don't think everything should be like that. In the MCU we would have never had a Wolverine (or Deadpool). And now that Fox is part of Disney, DC 'is our only hope'.

This Joker leans into gritty R-rated realism, Aquaman is wacky and colorful, the upcoming The Batman is a stylized film noir. The Batman meeting this Joker could be like Taxi Driver crossing over with Sin City. If you're to allow each movie to have complete creative freedom, crossovers are not going to work. But we could get two classic movies.

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

OK, I can see a Joker without a Batman for the origin story, no problem...but no Batman for future movies? There's a reason the Joker doesn't have his own on-going series in comics; he's interesting in a solo mini-series every now and then, but he's best when he's the antagonist for Batman.

Avatar image for richdorato

@UrbanMessiah: This Joker won't be an ongoing series. It's a one-off. The director said that we've had many Jokers over the years and there will be new Jokers in the future. The new Batman film can create a Joker that fits into that film.

DC is letting directors experiment with their characters. It's almost like 'alternate universe' movies. There's (I believe) a Red Son movie on the way, where Superman was raised in the Soviet Union.

Avatar image for m7stech

Probably for the best, DC can't really do team up movies at this stage, standalones are where they're good at.

Avatar image for nabinator

This is a bit of a shame, considering I'm hearing amazing things about this movie. I'd like to see this Joker go up against a Batman at least. That is his purpose.

Avatar image for kstaggs87

Good. I think this movie just needs to stand on its own just like it is. No crossover, no sequel, just a standalone masterpiece.

Avatar image for alex33x

And this is the mistake DC is making, not building a cinematic universe like Marvel did. This could be huge if they were doing right, specially now that Marvel is just going down the drain, with their social justice agenda.

Avatar image for dts15

@alex33x: be original with your criticism, shouting sjw whenever you have a chance makes ya look and sound pretty dumb. Also revisit that statement in a cpl years when they are continuing to make billions and you’re still shaking your fist.

Avatar image for tinyjotun

@alex33x: They tried, but they rushed it, so they failed, and don't want to try again.