Joaquin Phoenix To Star In Midsommar Director Ari Aster's Next Movie

The Oscar-winning Joker actor is apparently very selective with scripts.


Horror movie director Ari Aster made a splash with Hereditary and Midsommar, and his new film, Disappointment Blvd, is moving forward with some big news this week.

Deadline reports that A24--the studio behind Aster's last two films--is in talks to finance this new movie. Not only that, but it's been reported that Oscar-winning Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix will star in the film.

Deadline says that after Phoenix officially signed on, Aster began pitching the movie to studios. There was "plenty of interest," the report said, but A24 ultimately made the deal to stay in business with Aster after two big hits.

Plot details for Disappointment Blvd are being kept secret for now, but we know the film is to b written and directed by Aster. It's officially described as an "intimate, decades-spanning portrait of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time." Whether or not this will be a portrayal of a real or a made-up figure is unknown, but it seems Phoenix will play the lead.

Aster previously described the movie as a "nightmare comedy" that would be over four hours long.

According to Deadline, Phoenix is known for being quite particular for the scripts he chooses, going on to say that Phoenix "never seemed to waver" in working with Aster on the movie.

Phoenix hasn't appeared in anything since he won an Oscar for Joker. In addition to this movie, Phoenix will play Napoleon Bonaparte in the movie Kitbag for Apple TV+. We will see Phoenix next in the movie C'mon C'mon, which was filmed in 2019.

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