JK Rowling Apologizes For Killing Snape

"Please don't start flame wars over it..."


May 2 is a big day in the Harry Potter universe, as it's the day that the Battle of Hogwarts took place. Author JK Rowling marks the day each year by apologizing for the death of a character from the series.

Last year, it was Remus Lupin. This year, it's an even more prominent character: Severus Snape. "OK, here it is," Rowling said on Twitter. "Please don't start flame wars over it, but this year I'd like to apologise for killing (whispers)... Snape. *runs for cover*"

Snape, a former Death Eater and professor at Hogwarts, is one of the more interesting and compelling characters from across the Harry Potter series. He made things rough for Harry at school, but he did save his life ultimately and played a very important role in defeating Voldemort.

Harry named one of his children, Albus Severus, after Snape.

In 2015, Rowling apologized for killing Fred Weasley during the Battle of Hogwarts. "Fred was the worst for me, so I started with him," she said about her plan to mark the battle's anniversary every year by recalling a character's death.

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