J.J. Abrams and Valve working on game project together

<i>Star Trek</i> director teaming up with Valve co-founder Gabe Newell for unannounced game project; possible Half-Life and Portal films also being investigated.


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LAS VEGAS--In their opening keynote address at the annual D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas today, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams announced they are working on an unannounced game project together.

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Abrams and Newell spoke at length about the differences between film and games and the challenges for each medium in telling a good story. After critiquing and praising each other's work through various clips from films like Cloverfield and Star Trek and games like Portal, Half-Life, and Half-Life 2, Abrams and Newell announced they have been speaking at length about joining forces to make a game.

Newell also announced that he is investigating the possibility of working with Abrams on a Portal or Half-Life film.

No more details about the projects were revealed.

Abrams' latest film, Star Trek: Into Darkness, will be released in May. He has also been lined up to direct the next Star Wars film.

Newell will also host a keynote address on Thursday titled "A View on Next Steps," which will detail the Valve mastermind's thoughts on where the games industry is heading and the kinds of advances Valve is making. The company recently announced a partnership with PC maker Xi3 to develop its own take on the long-rumoured Steam Box.

The D.I.C.E. Summit will run from February 5 to 8 in Las Vegas.

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Why, do you have to make a video if you're just going to read out what's already in the article? And why write an article if you're making a video? Why would I want to read/watch both if I don't get any additional value out of the video or the text? This was bugging me forever with the reviews (although some reviews were more off-the-cuff and interesting) but this just seems like the last straw :X

Avatar image for lfebaggins

I'm not happy about this choice at all. JJ Abrams??? Great, so we aren't going to see the G-Man at all during the movie, we will only catch glimpses of him walking away. He will finally reveal himself at the very end of the movie as a human-sized cockroach/fly/beetle monster.

Avatar image for Patchezs

JJ Abrams to direct Star Trek, Star Wars, and Half-Life 3? Because why not.

Avatar image for tommygun6644

J.J. is one ugly nerd

Avatar image for MidnightMeteor

@tommygun6644 Actually I was thinking that about GabeN

Avatar image for Sstrawberryjam

Replace the portal gun with lens flare n you got yerself a JJ Abrams movie!

Avatar image for Fursnake

If they make a Half-Life movie then they need Charlie Sheen as he looked in The Arrival to play Gordon Freeman, looks just like him in that movie

Avatar image for PeterDuck

Sure, let's make a movie. Let's make a TV Series. Let's make a comic book.

Let's make anything BUT a Half Life game.

Avatar image for nate1222

As much as I like Newell's work, I just don't see this working.

JJ Abrams trashed Star Trek and Super 8 was an overly cliche'ed piece of shit. As long as Valve keeps making great games, I'll keep buying'em via my Steam account. But I really think I'm gonna end up passing on this Gabe-JJ project.

Avatar image for berserker66666

@CivilizedPsycho Because he's J.J Abrams.

Avatar image for berserker66666

Lol, Gabe Newell's face looks like "WTF am I doing?"

Avatar image for tweezzzy

what the ****....who cares?

just finish HL3....this is beyond rediculous.

Avatar image for Dpad395

Please be half life 3 having J.J. Abrams do the story linking HL with Portal would be epic!

Avatar image for Fursnake

That's the face Gabe makes when asked about Half-Life 3.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

Let me guess, a STAR TREK game powered by the SOURCE ENGINE. It would be really AWESOME!!!

Avatar image for Innos007666

@CivilizedPsycho Or Half-Life the Movie

Avatar image for Goodrich68

I have this vague memory from way back, something involving Valve and a 3rd episode to something...but I just cant seem to remember.

Avatar image for Barrakas21

just fucking work on episode 3 valve jesus how long do we have to wait?ffs

Avatar image for Liliroots

Prequel to HL2? Beginning of the Combines? Maybe a drama of Black Mesa vs Aperture Science!? Seven hour war? Meh that's predictable. The possibilities are so exciting! As for Portal, maybe a drama of Caroline and Johnson? I didn't play portal for the story sorry lol

Avatar image for Dessicator

At the very least, it's good to know that he WANTS to do this, and isn't just makin "a stupid, silly video game movie" like another, shittier director might say. He still isn't right at all for a Half-life movie, because a guy like JJ Abrams will just do what some studio tells him to do and make a movie that tries to tell an overly condensed version of the game's story and have it star Gordon Freeman. You would need a truly brilliant director to create a new story with new characters in that world to make a good Half-Life movie.

Or they could just bring in Michael Bay to make the whole movie about, and starring, the military forces that come in to cover it all up, and have 400 million dollars worth of tank and helicopter and camo glory shots. That would be BITCHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN'!!!!!

Avatar image for zerooriginality

Screw it. Why don't they just give him the last two hobbit films, Doom 4 and the Batman reboot. What else can he ruin?

Avatar image for Lotus-Edge

I still can't help but laugh at that picture....

Avatar image for Kazuma_Kiryu


It's my wallpaper ad infinitum. Puts a smile on my face every day.

Avatar image for Duke_51

@Lotus-Edge I think it's supposed to be funny..

Avatar image for jedediahpelland

OHHH NOOOSS, a half life film? Is Half Life 2 EP. 3 gonna be a movie instead of a game? LOL just kidding. But.....

Avatar image for nukem235

I am a huge Star Trek fan, and J.J. adtrams absolutely ruined Star Trek. for that I despise the man. But valve is one of my favorite game companies So I am having really mixed fellings on this. As for J.J. directing Star Wars that seems right because the new Star Trek films are alot more like Star Wars than Star Trek. Anyways I can't wait until Valve reveals Source Engine 2 with videos of Half-Life 3 and Hopefully details about Left 4 Dead 3 and/or Portal 3. I agree with Davet666 what the heck happen to HL2-Episode 3.

Avatar image for Dessicator

@nukem235 I assume you haven't seen the Red Letter Media reviews of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies? I recommend you watch them, where you'll learn that in fact the cast and crew of TNG already ruined Star Trek long ago.

Avatar image for plasticreality

@Dessicator @nukem235 Screw that, First Contact was the best Star Trek movie ever made. I like some of the films with the original cast (I, II, and VI come to mind), but TNG towards the end really captured the vision of what a humanist society would actually look like. Plus, no one beats Picard as captain.

Sure Star Trek isn't for everyone, but I couldn't even finish the J.J. Adams version - it scares me that people thought it was good. Romulans with tribal tattoos? Seriously? This guy is a hack in my opinion.

Avatar image for davet666

Still waiting for HL2-Episode 3...

Avatar image for SEEDman_X

OH~ I got such conflicting feelings~ Love Valve, but don't really care for JJ Abrams.... Why!? Why can't they find someone else~~

Avatar image for hadlee73

By 2015 J.J. Abrams will be working on everything.

Avatar image for oflow

Between this, the new Star Trek and Star Wars movies I think we are being bombarded with too much JJ. Hope they all dont star looking the same.

Avatar image for WTA2k5

I wonder how well Source can handle lens flare effects...

Avatar image for lildozer74

for the love of zues, please, please, half life 3.

Avatar image for severius

uggh there's already too much lens flare everywhere in gaming, this does not bode well for those of us who still have our natural sight I guess :(

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@severius Yeah, I was watching my sister's BF play Battlefield 3, I was seriously wondering how the heck he could play it with all the lens flare.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

How the heck does Abrams keep getting work so fast? Anyways, I hope his lens flare obsession was just a phase.

Avatar image for biggest_loser

I don't understand why we would NEED a Half-Life movie, whether it turns out good or not. HL is already like a movie anyway. The opening train sequence for example is entirely visual, constructing the story from images, rather than expositional dialogue. What benefit would it be to put that scene into a cinema? Portal wouldn't work at all. Its a game designed around the player's thinking and experimentation. The puzzles have to be there and who wants to watch someone else solve them?

Avatar image for lex_in_the_moon

@biggest_loser Agree with your point on Portal. As for Half-Life already looking like a movie and as to what benefit would there be in making it a film, I would imagine that non gamers could greatly benefit from having such a great story available on film by such a talented filmmaker.

Avatar image for biggest_loser

@lex_in_the_moon @biggest_loser But the strength of the HL games is that the story unfolds visually around the player as they explore new areas and worlds. Its not deep as in having great depth of character. It would also cheapen the work put into the silent protagonist.

Avatar image for MAD_AI

I dislike the idea of a Half Life film, Gordon is meant to be a silent protagonist to help with player immersion, once you have some actor playing Gordon, the entire series is ruined for me.

Avatar image for Duke_51

@MAD_AI I think it'd be better if Gordon wasn't a character at all in the movie. Maybe they could just reference or allude to him or something.

Avatar image for Total_mischief

@MAD_AI Well don't watch the movie if it comes out, duh.

Avatar image for stealthyninja81

ha ha whats with that picture halfway up the page?

Avatar image for senseless_dj

i loved everything valve has ever made. HL3 IMM.

Avatar image for shingui5

A portal movie?

urm, that might be....interesting?

Avatar image for jedediahpelland

@shingui5 I imagine it might be something like cube? LOL I dunno

Avatar image for mergulho456

Half life film?
Probably the episode 3 everyone of us has been waiting for!

Avatar image for Ultra_Taco

That's one creepy picture....