Jimmy Kimmel Reveals How Much He's Getting Paid to Host the Oscars

Kimmel says he's getting $15,000 because "I think it's illegal to pay nothing."


Comedian and late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 89th Academy Awards in February. Now, he's revealed how much the job pays--and it might be lower than you think.

Appearing on LA radio station KROQ this week, Kimmel told the hosts of Kevin & Bean that he's being paid $15,000 to host the annual awards show, according to Deadline.

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Kimmel joked about the figure,"I think it's illegal to pay nothing." As for whether he should have disclosed the figure in the first place, he said, "Nobody told me not to. I consider this their fault." Kimmel went on to say that $15,000, to his knowledge, is the typical payment every year.

Kimmel hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, which is also the network that has aired the Oscars since 1976. According to The Hollywood Reporter, when the Academy and ABC inked a contract extension through 2028, there was an implicit understanding that Kimmel would get the hosting gig.

This won't be Kimmel's first time hosting an awards show, as he also did that job for this year's Emmys. Only nine people in history have ever hosted both shows, and Kimmel will be the first to do so for the same season.

Oscar nominees are historically announced in January, so it won't be much longer until we find out which movies are in the running. For its part, Sony Pictures said in October that its R-rated animated movie Sausage Party should be considered for Best Animated Feature because it's "bold, original, and risky."

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I mean.... I know GS needs to venture into other mediums for traffic but jeez.....
Why are we getting Buzzfeed articles here??

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That's my yearly salary

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@Supabul: Get a better job. :/

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Aw poor guy, i think i will send him some food so he doesnt starve.

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I would hope he'd get paid, and that is a lot by my standards(But for him who knows).

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Why would I think $15,000 for a day's work would be low? If you had that level of pay every day for 50 weeks a year, you'd make $3.75 million.

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@rickjamesia: It's a lot more than a day's work. There is a lot of writing, planning and rehearsal involved. $15,000 is peanuts by show business standards. The hosts just do it for the exposure, which will make them more money long term. Still, I am surprised by such a low figure. Chris Rock just got paid $52 million to produce and star in 2 Netflix stand-up specials.

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@BassMan: Plenty sure he writes it all himself.

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@rickjamesia: That figure taken out of context is a lot, but it's not like he's doing his day job, he's performing in front of millions and millions of viewers, maybe a billion, live. You have to be entertaining and you can't **** up.

It sure is nothing compared to some singers who perform a few songs in front of a couple rich people and get hundreds of thousands dollars for one night.

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@Kishobran: You can mess up just fine. What are they going to do, unpay you? He already has his own popular show that's not going to lose viewers just 'cause he choked in something they might not have even been watching.

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@Kishobran: Maybe a BILLION? No. No way in hell 1 in 7 humans on the planet give 2 shits about the Oscars. I just googled the ratings for last year and it was 34 million. As in 1 out of 10 people in the US.

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@Raidendude153: You're a year or two late :)

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To someone who has a lot of money it may seem trivial. To others, like me, it's a fortune.

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@KaptenHaddock: IDK, even $15K is pretty easy to spend.....some cars go for that much lolz or you could get a lot of cheaper cars for that and start your car collection.....or buy a lot of retro games and consoles.....gimme $15K and I can spend it pretty quick if I wanted to.....it'd be one hell of a shopping spree....

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@darthrevenx: $15K is pretty cheap for a new car... The average is around $30K.

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@drumjod: Yeah, i haven't really paid attention to car prices in awhile lol

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Good for Jimmy Kimmel.