Jimmy Kimmel Responds to "Avalanche" of Gamer Backlash

"This is the most disliked video we've ever posted to YouTube."


As part of a recent monologue about YouTube Gaming, comedian/late night host Jimmy Kimmel joked that watching people play video games makes no sense. That video was swiftly ripped apart by commenters, and now, it's become the most disliked video (out of thousands) in the history of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Right now, the video has close to 60,000 dislikes and about 5,000 likes.

Kimmel has now responded to what he called an "avalanche" of backlash about the video with a new video, in which he highlights some of comments he received about it. As you'll see in the video, some people attacked not only Kimmel, but also his wife and daughter; some people wished cancer on the comedian.

When the video went live last week, many quickly attacked Kimmel's argument by saying watching people do things is already commonplace and accepted in society. Kimmel doesn't disagree, but says watching people play video games is a further abstraction than watching traditional sports.

"Watching people play video games isn't like watching people play football," he said. "It's like watching people play fantasy football. It is one more step removed from human activity."

What do you make of Kimmel's comments? Share your thoughts below.

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