Jimmy Fallon and Ice-T play PS4 on late night TV

Sony demonstrates The Playroom and virtual air hockey for next-gen system during Late Night Jimmy Fallon.


Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Sony demonstrated the PlayStation 4 for host Jimmy Fallon and actor Ice-T, both outspoken fans of the video game industry.

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Fallon and Ice-T got to try out the PS4's pre-installed PlayStation Camera game The Playroom as well as virtual air hockey during the five-minute segment.

Last night was not the first time Sony brought the PS4 onto Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In fact, the PS4's first public showing after its announcement in February came on Fallon's show.

The PS4 launches tomorrow, November 15, in North America. For more on the next-generation platform, check out GameSpot's PS4 review and hardware roundups.

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