Jenny McCarthy covering Ubisoft exercise game

Former Playboy playmate now cover girl for camera-enabled exercise game, due out this holiday season.


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Ex-television host and actress Jenny McCarthy is no stranger to games, having appeared in last year's Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Now, the former Playboy playmate is once again being called upon to flaunt her physical attributes in Your Shape, the upcoming workout game Ubisoft announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Jenny McCarthy wants to get sweaty with you.
Jenny McCarthy wants to get sweaty with you.

Due out this holiday season, Your Shape is going after the same 30-something female demographic that the best-selling Wii Sports Active targeted. However, rather than using resistance bands or a Wii Nunchuck strap, the game will use a camera peripheral reminiscent of Microsoft's Project Natal, albeit much simpler. The camera will scan players' bodies and let them select which part they can focus on and will then assess their progress by tracking their motions via the pack-in camera. No price for the game has been announced.

While selecting a 1990s pinup to appeal to 30-something women in 2009 might seem a strange choice, it doesn't seem to faze McCarthy, who mentions the fact that she is a working mother herself in the video below. The former Singled Out host will appear in the game as a player's coach, egging them on to work out harder and praising them when they achieve fitness goals.

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