Jen, The Division Agent

A profile of Jen, an Agent of The Division, for Stories of The Division. Sponsored by Ubisoft.

"My unit and I found a sixteen-year-old living in the streets, dead of winter. The virus had taken his whole family. We brought him in, gave him a home at the CERA operating base inside the Green Zone. The poor kid had nobody, so he latched onto me and followed me around while I talked to the medical people, the support staff, JTF. My background is engineering, so I was advising the base on infrastructure and support. He sponged it all right up. Even started volunteering around the camp. Bright kid. But after my unit hit the field again, I heard he disappeared from the base. What a shame.

“A few weeks later, we get intel on a black market ring peddling a fake vaccine on the street. We set up a sting, and I led the assault team to take the sellers down. Flashbangs go off, the smoke clears... suddenly I'm staring down the barrel of my ACR at the kid. He'd stolen HAZMAT suits and supplies from CERA to look official, and he was using all the lingo he'd picked up shadowing me to fool the civilians.

“The second he saw me, he burst into tears. I had a tough call: I could bring him to a detention center, and the way things are these days, who knows what happens to him. Or I could give him a second chance.

“Everyone deserves a second chance.

“That was a few weeks back. Today I found out he's hooked up with an EMT unit, going out with mobile search and rescue teams on our side. I've been smiling all day. It feels good to make the right call."

Stories of The Division offers an intimate look into the lives of 20 fictional New Yorkers living in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division. These conversations are set during the early stages of the outbreak. This series was written and produced by Studio 61 of CBS Interactive in collaboration with Ubisoft.

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