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Jedi: Fallen Order Double-Lightsaber Guide - How To Get This Essential Lightsaber Early

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If you want the double-lightsaber early, then follow the guide below.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's combat can be tough at first. With a single-bladed lightsaber, it's possible to survive most enemy encounters as long as you maintain your composure and time your parries just right. But when a group of enemies surrounds you, things start to get overwhelming. Crowd management is a handful early on, as it takes some quick reflexes and smart use of your Force powers to overcome multiple enemies at once. But what if we told you there's a weapon you can get that'll make your life easier?

You probably intuited it from the text above, but you can unlock the dual-bladed lightsaber. It's incredibly useful against crowds, and it's something that you won't get until later on--unless you follow the directions we've detailed below. While it's viable to wait until you unlock it naturally in the story, we recommend getting it earlier through two specific scenarios.

For more Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order guides, check out our beginner's guide and our feature on the best skills to unlock first. Otherwise, scroll on down to see how to unlock your true crowd-controlling Jedi potential.

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How To Get The Dual-Bladed Lightsaber

Method 1: Dathomir

The first chance to get the dual-lightsaber is the fastest, but it's also the most difficult. After finishing business in Bogano, you're able to travel to two planets: Zeffo and Dathomir. The latter is an optional planet that you're not required to visit to advance the story, but based on Jedi Master Eno Cordova's findings, it's a place worth investigating. Dathomir is a dangerous place filled with powerful enemies, but if you're brave enough to overcome its myriad challenges, you can net yourself the dual-lightsaber earlier.

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When you arrive at Dathomir, progress through its various twists and turns until you reach a cloaked elderly man in an area called Brother's Bastion. You're free to chat with the old guy if you'd like, but he'll mostly spout cryptic nonsense. From where he's standing, jump down to the area below and head left down a path leading you back where you came. But instead of returning topside, run into the cave ahead to find a workbench with the special part needed to unlock dual-bladed functionality for your lightsaber.

Method 2: Bagano

If the Dathomir method is too much trouble, you're able to get the dual-lightsaber at its second location. Though if you haven't found a new Scomp Link for BD-1, we recommend reading our guide on how to get one earlier first, as you're going to need it.

After finishing up your objectives in Zeffo and getting the Force Push ability, return to the Mantis, and Cere will tell you that it might be worth going back to Bogano. You might be quick to dismiss this subtle wink and nod, but don't! Return to this introductory planet and make your way back to the zipline going from the Abandoned Workshop to the Great Divide. Remember that broken bridge there that was bent upwards? You can straighten it out now with Force Push.

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Once you've done so, proceed forward and make a right at the fork, which will lead you to the lower level of the Abandoned Workshop. Jump down to the rock platform surrounded by water and climb up the vine wall. Take the pathway leading up until you see a door to your right. Use BD-1's Scomp Link to slice the panel and unlock the door. Enter the room to find a workbench holding the part required to give your lightsaber dual-bladed functionality.

Dual-Lightsaber Tips

As stated, the dual-lightsaber is your go-to weapon against groups of enemies. If surrounded, bust it out and start flailing. Okay, maybe don't flail mindlessly, but the standard attack button initiates a quick attack that can make contact with enemies around Cal. It also helps to not lock onto enemies, so you can better aim and adjust your swinging to ensure you're hitting enemies as effectively as possible.

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The dual-lightsaber's heavy attack is handy when you're struggling against a group and need some extra power to dispatch the weaker enemies swarming around you. It's also pretty quick, but has a slightly longer cooldown. New attacks for the dual-lightsaber that further your crowd-controlling potential are unlocked the moment you get it, too, so we recommend investing in them early to ensure you're always prepared for a tense group fight.

Lastly, the dual-lightsaber is especially awful against one-on-one boss fights. Sure, it looks awesome when using it in a duel against an enemy inquisitor like you're Darth Maul 2.0, but it's nowhere near as effective and makes you less agile.

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