Jay and Silent Bob Video Game Crowdfunding Campaign Launches

The side-scrolling brawler is asking for $400,000.


If you're a fan of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob movies, then you might be interested in the mischievous marijuana dealers' upcoming game. Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch launched on the Fig crowdfunding site today with a goal of $400,000.

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Chronic Blunt Punch is a co-op side-scrolling brawler where you play as the titular characters. In addition to punching and kicking, you'll be able to utilize a "conversation combat system" called the Convo Combo mode, which has players throwing out "'Yo' Mama'-like insults." The story has Jay and Bob travelling to a big shopping mall to find out what happened to their missing customers.

Developer Interabang Entertainment's founder Justin Woodward said that his team is excited to work on a game featuring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes' iconic characters.

"Kevin Smith's films have long inspired our team," said Woodward. "During development for our first game, we'd take breaks to watch them back to back. The iconic characters, hilarious dialogue, and sheer surrealism of the Askew-niverse got us through rough patches during development and life's struggles. We kept coming back to thinking about how amazing it would be to see Jay and Silent Bob in a game like the ones we design, and we're amazed that we have this opportunity now."

Smith also chimed in with his own statement.

"People have asked me for years why I never made a Jay and Silent Bob video game," he said. "Now I can tell them I was waiting for Justin Woodward from Interabang Entertainment and our own Elias to bring it together. Couldn't be happier to hand our characters off to folks who know them as well as I do."

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC if it's succesful. The Fig campaign offers traditional crowdfunding rewards as well as accredited and unaccredited investment options.

This isn't the first game to hold its crowdfunding campaign on Fig. Double Fine's Psychonauts 2 had a successful campaign that ended in January. The Psychonauts sequel was funded with $3,829,024. Around $1,874,000 came from investments, while the rest came from those wanting backer rewards.

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