Jaws: Ultimate Predator chomping Wii, 3DS

Majesco bringing game set 35 years after <i>Jaws</i> to Nintendo's console and portable this fall; title lets gamers wreak havoc as killer great white.


In the original Jaws film, the titular great white shark killed numerous swimmers before ultimately meeting his demise. However, the shark is coming back for vengeance this year in Jaws: Ultimate Predator.

Jaws: Ultimate Predator ripping flesh on the Wii and 3DS this fall.
Jaws: Ultimate Predator ripping flesh on the Wii and 3DS this fall.

Set 35 years after the events of Jaws, Majesco's Jaws: Ultimate Predator will be released on Nintendo systems the Wii and 3DS this fall. The 3DS version of Ultimate Predator is currently in development at n-Space and will be produced by MicroProse.

As for its content, Ultimate Predator for the 3DS has gamers taking on "an army of shark hunters" by using the system's touch screen to perform attacks and to dodge.

The Wii version of Ultimate Predator is in development at Tectonic Studios and takes a similarly violent route. It also has players assuming the role of the great white shark while hunting and killing prey with 20 unique attack combinations.

Gamers will take on bosses like the Tiger Shark, Killer Whale, and Sea Serpent, which are creatures that Majesco says "match Jaws in strength and size." Further, the game will be set in Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef, as well as Amity Island, the setting of the iconic attack from the film.

The most recent Jaws game was 2006's critically panned Jaws: Unleashed, which was also published by Majesco. For more on that title, check out GameSpot's full review.

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Ugh...well, I suppose this could be a good game, that is if they make the Wii version of the game rated M! It seems like the 3DS version should be teen and the Wii version should be M, but of course it's the opposite. And don't get me wrong, this should be a good game, no matter the rating, my only hope is that the story missions of this game are less complicated than in Jaws Unleashed.

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i think the wii controls will finally make this game good.. remember endless ocean ;)

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this is fail...

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omg jaws the game?!! (this is a negative commentary:() how is it possible, seriously how??????!!!!!!!

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@bigbadonion There was a game like that called Jaws unleashed..... it sucked

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is it just me who thinks it would be cooler if you was actually jaws instead of a damn shark hunter? I hope its not as awful as the NES jaws that was just pittyful

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face it, its gonna suck.

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Jaws? Come on, its a good movie, but its almost impossible to make a good game based on it.

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Interesting news to say the least. This reminds me a bit of the game where you could grow up as a fish and evolve into stronger and more powerful creatures of the sea, played it at some place in Florida (was some like... Uh Sea World Place) and it scared me cause the place used all the speakers inside, so it seriously scared me pretty badly when I first died.

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Aff, I assumed this would be a movie, totally bummed now. ; /

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Shark goes in the game, you put the game into the console. Shark's in the console.

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I am a huge shark fan, actually liked the last jaws game on the ps2, and will more than likely get this game as well on the handheld. I am such a sucker!

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Personally, I'm holding out for Sharktopus: The Game.

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"We're gonna need a better developer..." Remember this is Majesco, sure they have had hits in the past like Psychonauts and Bloodrayne to name a few but as of late its all been about handheld games, they tried this once with Jaws Unleashed and it was a bomb. So unless the game is gonna be about a Great White Shark that gives up eating people in order to persue a career in cooking then I think this game is gonna be a huge failure.

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i agree with monson21502

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i wish they would make a good jaws game.. but that will never happen:(

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@Dx-Entity Jaws from James Bonds cuz he bit a shark in The Spy Who Loved Me!

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...um, okay...

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So....BloodRayne is more or less dead aside from an irrelevant side scroller and a most likely bad 3DS version, but hey lets give our one critically panned franchise one more shot!

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I want a Jaws on the 360 and PS3 :( I like Jaws unleashed despite the 3.8 on here :P

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Ah crap. Wouldn't mind seeing a new Jaws for the 360/PS3....with of course and top notch publisher, a AAA developer, actual story development, no glitches.....on second thought there would be better odds of aliens landing before a "decent" Jaws game is ever made.

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They should just make a "Megashark VS Giant Octupus" game.

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@KillerJuan77 don't worry you're not alone, i had great fun with it too!

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JAWS the SHARK vs JAWS the METAL MOUTH. Who would win, and how? In my book, they're both Ultimate Predators.

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@ KillerJuan77 No, you weren't alone. I loved playing as Jaws and causing as much chaos as possible.

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Am I the only one that enjoyed Jaws Unleashed? It was pretty so-so but I still had fun playing it.

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this is just terrible.

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wii version of course always wanted to know how it feels to be a shark :P

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So it's like Jaws: Unleashed, except on Wii and 3DS? Figures.....and to think I was excited at first :(

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Sweet lol