Jason Bourne's Doug Liman Directed A Verizon Gaming Ad About Glitches And Lag

The commercial, "The Reset," features scenes that will be familiar to anyone who has experienced lag in a video game.


To promote its new 5G internet service, Verizon recruited veteran Jason Bourne movie director Doug Liman to helm a new advertisement aimed at gamers. The ad is called "The Reset" and it's all about convincing people that the only way to get lag-free internet is to go with Verizon's new 5G offering.

Set to Joe Walsh's "Life of Illusion," the video shows all manner of people and objects who are lagging and glitching in their environments. But the video ends by going back to the beginning and showing what things might have looked like with 5G, and it's much better.

Liman, who also directed Edge of Tomorrow, told The Hollywood Reporter that, in the course of making this ad, he learned a lot about lag and other gaming glitches that are common with spotty internet. Among other things, the video shows a cat glitching through a pole, a kid floating through the air next to a bike, and a bus driver whose face textures have not loaded in.

"We didn't just start making things up out of thin air," he said. "There was no shortage of outrageous glitches that happened and have happened in computer games."

Hoyte Van Hoytema, who earned an Oscar nomination for Dunkirk and also worked on Tenet and Interstellar, was the cinematographer for this commercial. Saar Klein, the editor of The Bourne Identity, worked on this commercial as well.

Liman is currently preparing for a unique and ambitious movie in which he will shoot Tom Cruise into space to film a first-of-its-kind movie.

As for Verizon, the telecom giant recently announced plans to sell Yahoo and AOL for $5 billion.

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