Japan's BitSummit Event Returns In May, Here Are All The Details

What to expect from May's A 5th of BitSummit event.

The fifth annual BitSummit, a Japanese indie game-focused event, is just a month away, and we now have many of the details about what it has in store for attendees.

Taking place May 20-21 in Japan, BitSummit--which gets a different name and theme each year--has been dubbed A 5th of BitSummit. Platinum Games veteran Atsushi Inaba will deliver the keynote, while both Nintendo and Twitch will serve as the event's main sponsors.

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Noted Japanese developers Koji Igarashi (of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and now Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night fame), Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa the Rapper), and Suda 51 (No More Heroes) will all be at the event and are said to have "exciting news about their upcoming projects" to share. BitSummit will also see the return of musician Professor Sakamoto, who plays 8-bit music while wearing a Famicom on his head. It's pretty great.

This year's event will again be located at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto, Japan. It's open to the public, with a two-day pass for adults being priced at only 2,000 yen (about $20).

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