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Japanese publishers weigh in on PS3 delay

Top Japanese game publishers react positively to the PS3's delay announcement, sighing with relief that the console's date has finally been settled.


This Wednesday, Sony Computer Entertainment finally confirmed what many had anticipated--the PlayStation 3 would not meet its spring release date. The next-generation console has now been rescheduled for a worldwide release in early November, before the all-important holiday shopping season. Today's Nikkei BP features reactions from the top Japanese video game publishers regarding Sony's announcement of the PS3 delay, and most were positive.

Konami: "It's very good that the release period has been clarified. It's important to release [a console] at the right timing when everything is prepared. We hope that the PS3 will expand progressively [through the market]. In terms of our development schedule, we think that the delay will give us enough time to make sure we deliver better quality in our games."

Square Enix: "It's being reported as a 'delay,' but the [PS3's] previously unknown release period has finally become clear, and we are very glad to hear it."

Capcom: "The hardware's release period has been set, so we will be throwing in our full effort to develop good games for it."

Koei: "It will be a major delay, but now that the release date has been decided, we can target it and make work on further quality improvements. We would like to polish up our products so that they will take full advantage of the PS3."

Bandai: "We are fundamentally receiving [the PS3's delay announcement] with a favorable view. Titles for the PS3 are currently in development."

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