Japan Xbox comes with extra cheese

Microsoft spices up marketing of Xbox in Japan in new pizza-themed promotion.


TOKYO--In Japan, pizzas packaged in boxes that resemble Xbox consoles will be delivered to the doorsteps of customers, courtesy of a new joint marketing campaign from Microsoft and Aoki's Pizza.

For a limited time, Aoki's will offer a menu called the 'Xbox campaign set' which comes with a special pizza and assortment of beverages. The pizza will be split into four parts from the middle to mark an “X” on the pie. Customers can chose different preset topping combinations on each of the four separated pieces (including the interesting-sounding but very common egg and tuna or chicken teriyaki and mayonnaise combos; relatively normal toppings on pizzas in Japan).

In addition to having four different toppings, what differentiates the pizza from others in the company's normal menu is its packaging. Instead of the usual cardboard, the pizza will be delivered in a box that is colored and shaped like an Xbox.

In addition to the cardboard box, each purchase of the 'Xbox campaign set' comes with a sweepstakes card which can be mailed in for a chance to win a free Xbox console and a copy of Amped 2. The campaign is only available in areas where Aoki's is present, primarily the eastern coast of Japan. The campaign has already begun and will run until February 27.

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