Japan to get silver PS3, cheaper games

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has officially confirmed a new satin silver PS3 and budget software range coming to its home region in March.


Japanese PlayStation 3s will soon be going silver--and the metallic colour doesn't come as a major surprise following similar variants for the slimline PlayStation 2, original PS2, and PlayStation Portable. It also follows two other colours available for the PS3 in Japan, clear black and ceramic white--the latter of which was first introduced to Japan last year and also hinted to be making its way stateside.

The new silver console will also be accompanied by a matching DualShock 3 controller. The system will go on sale for ¥39,800 ($374, £188) alongside the new controller for ¥5,500 ($52, £26) in Japan from March 6.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan also confirmed a reduced-price range of PS3 software, akin to the PS2's Platinum range, referred to as "The Best" in Japan. The five games will be available in Japan from March 19 with a price of ¥3,800 ($35, £18) each. The lineup includes Folklore, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight (released as Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire in some territories), and Ridge Racer 7.

Sony Europe did not immediately return calls to comment on whether the new colour or budget-game range would be coming to other regions.

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Sony suck, they should have release a rainbow PS3.

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Good for those of us who have unwillingly sided with Microsoft until Sony gets cheaper. Lets hope it makes it's way to the US, then to us in Europe. Ands lets hope the price stays down during that time... Otherwise, I look forward to a chaper PS3 to play the console specific games, like MGS4. Slow and steady wins the race, Sony.

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Yawn, too late sony, too late, i already got one

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Too slow Sony!

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They will probably make more money if the "Greatest Hits" program comes to the US, and the different colored PS3's might be a hit.

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Well hopefully, the PS3 will get it's Greatest Hits program here in the US soon. Though since stuff like Resistance still sells these days, I don't think it'd be a very long list.... Anyway, a Silver PS3 is cool I guess. I'd like to see all three colors hitting state-side in a 40GB variant, all the same price. I hate how the PSP has a staggered color SKU pricing, that's so stupid. I already got my PS3, but it's still cool that White/Silver might be coming here soon.

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sounds ok, but already got a PS3

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Hope they do that for America too

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just a lil price comparison.. when the ps3 came out here in UK it was going for around £600 which is more than $1200 USD!! now the 40gb model (the ONLY model avaliable, may i add) goes for about £300 which is more than $600 USD i think its fair to say UK probably has the ps3 on sale for the highest price compared to most other places!!! games cost around 80-100 USD and controllers are 75 USD each!!! i was lucky enough to order 1 of the last few remaining 60gb versions but right now 40gb is all u can get, i wonder if the silver 1 will be coming to UK...

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Gimmmmmme the controller ... i don't mind having a silver and white controller, and a black machine ... odd colors!

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And North America, Europe, and AU, please...

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PS3 is gettin' cooler by the day. I look forward to being the proud owner of one later this year.

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"We're a bigger market than you guys. Buy more stuff more often and you'll get the best too." dude, that is just so unfair -- we only got 20mil pop in Aus. considering that figure, our sales are quite good. and we have to pay AU$700 (over 500USD) for a 40GB model, which is just plain horrible in comparison to your taken for granted 80GB model which doesn't even cost that much over there. not to mention controllers and so on.

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oh here we go again lol, I didnt know they had Ceramic White over ther ealready gosh I wish I could go to Japan to get my Ceramic White PS3 am oging to have to wait 2-3 years in US

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"After Reading these comments it seems that most of the complaining is comming from the yanks, what are you wingeing about, I know that when it comes down to it the Aussie market is small but we have to wait longer and pay alot more for everything, so quit thinking that the world is shi tting on you just because you can't get everything you want before everyone else" We're a bigger market than you guys. Buy more stuff more often and you'll get the best too.

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I bet when it comes to America, they add Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted

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ninja gaiden sigma at 35$ is an insane deal. i still have all my ngs from full price and still enjoy them

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After Reading these comments it seems that most of the complaining is comming from the yanks, what are you wingeing about, I know that when it comes down to it the Aussie market is small but we have to wait longer and pay alot more for everything, so quit thinking that the world is shi tting on you just because you can't get everything you want before everyone else :)

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Bring the Greatest Hits here too please! :D

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screw japan!

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I really don't care either way for a Silver PS3, I love my black one. But I want the PS3's verison of the Greatest Hits to come to US.

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Damn you japan :p

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c'mon Greatest Hits, come to US damn it

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Uh... Well, I agree with the four people below me!

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Platinum games for the PS3? Yes, YES, I want them right now, not just in Japan, please bring them to all of us in other parts of the world.

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hey do the same here please i hate $60 for 1 game man $600 already for my 60 gig

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Dualshock 3 and cheaper Ninja Gaiden Sigma... c'mon, bring 'em stateside!!!

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I would like Folklore to be a "Greatest Hits" title. I played the demo and found the game to beautiful.

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harddrive size?...hm...interesting how things are working out...

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damm, thats a good deal. ps3 is region free to if its that serious.

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And what do you think the odds are that we'll see it stateside?

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Cool! And Dualshock 3!

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Japan doesn't care about American Gamers. =/

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silver is the best color out of the 3 main ps3 colors IMO

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Wii still has no colour change??

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If sony doesn't give americans the same deals I am going Wii360. I can get most of the PS3 games on 360 anyway. Wake up Sony!

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I understand being a Japanese gaming company meens everything comes out in japan first but that just doesnt explain the prices. They shouldn't vary that much. Didn't dual shock 3 already come out in japan? Or did it just come with the console? I heard Americas getting it in spring. Is that true?

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I think the US wants it too.

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Errr....they are including Gundam: Crossfire under the promise of "The Best" ?!?! Haha, now we are talking about shady selling strategies... If Gundam is one of the best ps3 games, well, goodnight... Anyway, Ninja Gaiden and R:FoM make up for that....

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White... they need to release the white in the UK and US :D Silver never looks to great, especially now that alot of tv's (like lcd etc) are formally black now. A choice of colours is nice, but a choice of having ps2 BC is better.

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Can I has silver PS3

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"Platinum"? Like "Greatest Hits"? Is this a misprint, or is it called "Platinum" in Europe?

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Not fair, we want it too.

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I don't understand why they aren't doing any greatest hits yet for PS3 games. :(

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By now, there should be a "Greatest Hits" line up. PS3 hasn't done as good as 360 or Wii in sales, but they have a couple of hits - RFoM and R&CToD. So thet should exploit that and give their competitors a run for it.

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They might aswell have titled this "Japan and America get everything, Europe and Australia still get nothing"

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lol sony is doing this to recoup saleess.. thats what all game companies do.. they release multiple colour consoles early on to try and get money back

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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wow once they have games ill pick one up, and the duel shock 3! And the silver one!

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the reason why japan and nintendo takes care of the asian markets before all other is .... (wait for it) .... they are japanese gaming companies. I feel the pain though as I hear about games being released over there and we'll have to wait months before we get ours, but it's something I've learned to cope with. Still I'd love to have a different color PS3.. or PSP for that matter. They reds, blues, silvers, whites, blacks.. and while I love my black Sony stuff, having a silver/blue PS3 would be pimp.