Japan to get silver PS3, cheaper games

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has officially confirmed a new satin silver PS3 and budget software range coming to its home region in March.


Japanese PlayStation 3s will soon be going silver--and the metallic colour doesn't come as a major surprise following similar variants for the slimline PlayStation 2, original PS2, and PlayStation Portable. It also follows two other colours available for the PS3 in Japan, clear black and ceramic white--the latter of which was first introduced to Japan last year and also hinted to be making its way stateside.

The new silver console will also be accompanied by a matching DualShock 3 controller. The system will go on sale for ¥39,800 ($374, £188) alongside the new controller for ¥5,500 ($52, £26) in Japan from March 6.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan also confirmed a reduced-price range of PS3 software, akin to the PS2's Platinum range, referred to as "The Best" in Japan. The five games will be available in Japan from March 19 with a price of ¥3,800 ($35, £18) each. The lineup includes Folklore, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight (released as Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire in some territories), and Ridge Racer 7.

Sony Europe did not immediately return calls to comment on whether the new colour or budget-game range would be coming to other regions.

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the complaint is that Sony never gives as much good stuff to the US as they do Japan. That is what sucks. I think they do it because they sell more here and dont think they need to do something to spice things up. And its not that its a japanese company, sony takes a long time or never releases the new colors. nintendo does delay it but not as much.

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"How about focusing on better games rather than cheesy colors for a system no one is buying?" Get out from under your rock, it's not last year.

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the Japanese sure do love their colours :D

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Why should Sony give more love to the US market that would rather spend money on the inferior xbox? To the Canadian... no Canada DOES NOT make and buy more games than Japan. To the Europeans... the reason you guys have to spend money up the wazoo is because your elected liberal governments tax the hell out of you. Quit complaining everyone.

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gimme some Games!

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Go figure, more and more choices. Just a matter of time until this is unleashed here in the U.S.

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What's with all this hate, it's a Japanese company releasing products for their country first to test the market, similar to the dualshock 3, if the products pick up and the demand increases, then Sony will recognize and bring them to other territories.

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whoooooa .... ridge racer on budget!

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I don't understand what all the complaints are about; Japan has alsways gotten hardware and software long before North America. This is nothing new here people.

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How about focusing on better games rather than cheesy colors for a system no one is buying?

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I'm suddenly liking Japan a little bit less...

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I'm just disgusted. We in Europe still pay £280 for the console which I consider a complete rip off to be honest, considering the limited number of original games out for it. A decent price drop in Britain would be nice.

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What the hell? So if we U.S. Americans want a white or satin Ps3 we have to buy one from colorwarepc.com. Come on Sony show some love to your North American fan base and send a white or satin Ps3 our way.

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I don't understand what happened to Sony. I was a huge fan of the PS2 and now all they care about is hardware. It's cool that you make slick hardware but the software lacks so massively in comparison to PS2. They need to come out with a much better flow of the software and not just games but system software, to easy the agony of they're dashboard and add Backward C... Perhaps they should pay Apple to work on their interface.. SONY STOP MAKING ALL THESE COUNSELS and make software....

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japan get everything :( still i like my black one just fine

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Sony, how about instead of making different colored PS3's, you start putting out some good games to go along with the console. I bought a black 40gb PS3, only to now hear rumors of the 120gb PS3 and now also colored PS3's. Make up your mind Sony. Pick a version or two, stick to it, and lets get this thing on track.

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well **** the bed

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man, Japan gets everything. :(

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So does this look like the chrome PS3 that was originally unveiled?

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i don't care what happens in Japan, just like Japan doesn't care what happens in N. America. i don't concern myself with worldwide console sales. who really cares? the only thing I care about is 360 pumping out quality games, DLC and XBLA titles.

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Maybe Microsoft should do the same, so thy can move some games and hardware in Japan. Maybe !!!

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Moblie Suit Gundam is "The Best"????

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Canada buys more consoles and develops more games then Japan...why do we get no respect when it comes to the global market.

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when's north america getting all this?

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£188 in cool colours! Why oh why is it still £300 in the UK nihon-jin ja armimasen, Igrisu-jin desu :(

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of course budget games will come to usa and europe.the ps3 must compute the wii and the x-box 360. but when it comes to europe i will defintly buy ninja gaiden and resistance fall for men

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bundled with DualShock?! I want!!!

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Thanks for acknowledging Europe :P :(

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Good for Japan.

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"For a system that doesnt sell as much as the 360, you'd think they'd sell those games for $29.99 instead of $35. C'mon Sony, you're making money now... bring those prices lower..." In Japan the comparison isn't even worth looking at. The PS3 outsells the 360 massively so for the Japanese market there's no need to drop lower than that price - also, do you know the price of 360 games in Japan, I can't see them being particularly low seeing as Japan like to protect their products.

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Gameboy2k: I recommend checking sales in Japan before saying something like that. lol Silver will look pretty nice though....hope it hits other territories.

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Hard Drive Size? PS2 compatable?

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cool, can't wait

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You'd think they'd sell those games for $29.99 instead of $35. C'mon Sony, you're making money now... bring those prices lower...

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'The Best' range of games will be a bit sparsely populated.

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when are we going to hear about DS3 release in the US? they have multiple colors and we still haven't even got 1.

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£188 ?! Damn conversion rates and different economies.

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Wonder what's getting taken out of this version of the console?

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