Japan Sales Charts Feb. 16-22: Xbox 360 hardware, software king

Microsoft's console makes rare appearance atop Media Create's retail recap, thanks to debut of Square Enix's top-selling Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


The Xbox 360 isn't what most people would call a "hit" in Japan, but the console does catch a few breaks every once in a while. For the week of February 16-22, that break came in the form of Square Enix's Xbox 360-exclusive Star Ocean: The Last Hope. In its first week on the Japanese market, the Tri-Ace-developed sci-fi role-playing game achieved sales of 162,000 units, pushing the Xbox 360 past the Wii and PlayStation 3 in total weekly sales, according to Media Create.

Microsoft couldn't have said it better.
Microsoft couldn't have said it better.

On the week, Media Create's charts reflect that the Xbox 360 sold 25,334 units. In a tight race, the Wii just edged out the PlayStation 3, selling 16,973 consoles to 16,149 for Sony's flagship. Handhelds were a different story, as the DSi--which launched in Japan in November--sold 41,839 units, while the PSP shifted 29,552 systems. The DS Lite, which is sold alongside the DSi as it will be in other regions, also moved an additional 9,975 units.

With Star Ocean taking the top slot, Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! for the DS placed second, selling 62,000 copies in Japan. Namco Bandai scored a trio of chart-toppers on its release of the Idolmaster SP trifecta Perfect Sun, Missing Moon, and Wandering Star, which sold a respective 46,000, 39,000, and 35,000 units. Sega's Shining Force Feather for the DS debuted in the sixth slot, selling 30,000, while Capcom's perennial best-seller Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G moved an additional 18,000 units.

Titles for Sony's systems rounded out the remainder of the chart. Flight-Plan's Sacred Blaze sold 17,000 during its first week on the market, a figure nearly matched by the PS3 edition of Street Fighter IV. From Software's Demon's Souls rounded out Media Create's weekly recap, taking the 10th slot with 15,000 units sold.

Week of February 16 - February 22, 2009
1) Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360) - 162,000
2) Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (NDS) - 62,000
3) Idolmaster SP: Perfect Sun (PSP) - 46,000
4) Idolmaster SP: Missing Moon (PSP) - 39,000
5) Idolmaster SP: Wandering Star (PSP) - 35,000
6) Shining Force Feather (NDS) - 30,000
7) Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP) - 18,000
8) Sacred Blaze (PS2) - 17,000
9) Street Fighter IV (PS3) - 17,000
10) Demon's Souls (PS3) - 15,000

DSi: 41,839
PSP: 29,552
Xbox 360: 25,334
Wii: 16,973
PS3: 16,149
DS Lite: 9,975
PS2: 5,029

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