Japan game charts: October 16-22

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl selling as well as ever, as seven DS titles set up camp in the top 10.


Media Create has released its software sales statistics for the week of October 16-22, and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl showed no signs of slowing down. Together the two games moved another 231,979 units for the week, bringing their collective total above the 2.5 million mark. Media Create reported that some stores are still selling out of the pair as soon as new shipments arrive.

Only two new titles appeared on the list for the week. Coming in at number three was Captain Tsubasa, a soccer game based on the manga/anime of the same name. The other new title was Gekitou! Custom Robo, the latest member of Nintendo's Custom Robo franchise.

Nintendo DS games continued to dominate the top of the charts with seven of the top 10 spots, and this was mirrored by the week's hardware sales numbers. The DS Lite sold 116,941 units, while the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable sold 22,380 and 20,271, respectively. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 added another 1,287 units to its Japanese user base.

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Dammit I will HAVE to import this game from the States... Yes, the States: you think you have to wait, but look at the UK / Europe damn release :-( . Oh well, it was a pity about liksang but playasia have now filled that void.

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i feel kind of embarassed buying the game, even tho i know i shouldnt. it looks totally awsome , pokemon actually taught me how to read, when i was like 4 my parents bought me a gameboy and pokemon blue and i learned how read lol so is your parents say that video games turn your brain to mush well i say "NII!!" lol ZOMGS weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebleep!

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i want my PK Diamond!

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I would love to know if pokemon pearl & diamond are coming to the U.S. & if so when will it be. I'm going nuts thinking that the latest group of pokemon will be exclusive to Japanese gamers only.

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aashkii Custom Robo has online CONFIRMED

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Those XBOX 360 numbers are almost depressing. Microsoft need to revise their strategy for Japan or just give it up. :(

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you mean pokemon pearl????? becuase im in!

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nintendo.......you got a pokemon diamond market in north america.............

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When is Custom Robo DS gonna come out in the states? Does it have online play (If it does, that'll be sweet!)

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pharoh-man I really wanna know when Pokemon Diamond is out for DS in North America!!!!!!!!! Me, too. I wanna upload my Fire Red Pokemon to Diamond

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I hear what your saying Nintendo fans. All I am trying to say is that the big franchise games you've mentioned (which are ALWAYS fantastic, no question) are few and far between. You get 1 maybe 2 Mario games per generation (I'm not including tennis, golf, kart.) Not per year, per console. 1 maybe 2 Zeldas. 1 or 2 Metroids and so on. No one makes games on Nintendo systems like Nintendo themselves. My concern is, its a while between drinks and being Aussie I get thirsty quickly. During the N64 and Gamecubes time this was true I think and thats when I think Nintendo was counting there lucky stars for Pokemon. Their handhelds move unbelievable numbers, but their home consoles sure weren't. I'm getting a Wii, as I said, just to play Zelda. I'll probably spend 200 hours just fishing on that game. But I honestly think, looking at the line up that I already have more games on X360 than I'll probably get on Wii in the next 2 or 3 years. Hopefully I'm wrong. I also have to add, it's nice to have a discussion, even though we have different opinions, without someone getting all upset and screaming fanboy at the top of their lungs. Over the last couple of weeks I was starting to think all the reasonablly minded people had been replaced with spoilt kids. I'm glad thats not completely true yet.

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Bathyj, I will respect your opinion, but Nintendo would not of been bankrupt without Poke'mon, they have plenty of Million dollar franchises behind it. Mario Metroid Zelda Star Fox And much more....

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"Wow all the kids buying games in Japan rule the charts with an iron fist, madness indeed. " Do you know every single person's age who buys that game? I think not.

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tecnicz, I think you're reffering to Clover Studios. No more Viewtiful Joe. =(

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You really do have to catch them all. It's not so much an option as it is a requirement.

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LOL the ps2 and psp number s dropping in japan as expected.

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The DS must have some kind of hypnotic effect. That thing is taking over Japan!

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Bathyj: What was Pikmin? Fire Emblem (new to America)? WarioWare? Brain Age? Animal Crossing? Geist (not great, but new)? Eternal Darkness? You don't want me to keep listing more, so I won't. Some of Nitnendo's biggest and best games this gen weren't old, washed-up franchises at all. Their major franchises still carry the most weight, but that's just because every single entry into the respective series is phenomenal. When quality is practically guaranteed, of course you're going to maintain a large fanbase.

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Why dont they just call this instead of Japan game charts...Crap Chart Japan!

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Ah Nintendo has brought several new ips each console. Pikmin for the gamecube for example. Nintendogs, Brain Age numerous other IPs as well. Super Smash Bros. Tetris, Kirby, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong. F-Zero. The Donkey Kong games with the bongos were something new. Ah no Nintendo would not be bankrupt without Pokemon. Sorry bother to look things up. Nintendo makes a profit off of each piece of hardware unlike other gaming companies. Nintendo has a considerable first, second party and third party exclusives they publish. Mario is a mascot character. He is always put in games where Nintendo is trying new things. Those supposed innovative games you named are nothing but. You ever played Eternal Darkness that was a Nintendo published game. Super Mario 64 pioneered the now-standard camera and control mechanics for 3rd person 3D platforming games. Eyetoy sorry but that came off the Gameboy Camera which was planned to put people in games. Ever hear of the Dreameye? Ah there have been first person games with platform elements before nothing new. We love Katamari is not really innovative. Katamari Damacy isn't really innovative either. Nor Vib Ribbon nor Vagrant Story. Game designers when they talk about innovation in games always refer to Nintendo as setting the standard. Funny how Nintendo game divsion wise makes as much if not more on a yearly basis then Sony.

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Maquis_UK Yeah ok, I know they're not the same game, you get my point but surely. Is that the only thing you took from my rant? Please dont be offended if I say something you dont agree with as I do it to encourage debate or to offer a different point of view not to upset anyone. Some people agree with me, and some don't. Hell I thought the Steve Irwin on Southpark was heaps funny and I'm Australian. Others think its tasteless. Each to their own. PS. I have finished OoT but not MM. I got bored of it as it felt more like a directors cut or an expansion than a brand new game. It's just my opinion, I know its still a good game. I like the 3 days idea, very clever. And thanks............For calling me "Sir." ;)

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Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask are the "same game told different"? you are misinformed sir. i'll bet you've completed neither. Ocarina.. emotional, feeling of space and freedom... Majora.. dark, foreboding, twisted. yeah really similar. derrr.

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I'm not here to rubbish Nintendo but, I would like to point out, People are always rubbishing sequels and re-hashing franchises, but serioulsy take away Pokemon, Zelda and Metriod and what does Nintendo have? Mario? Yeah, he's good for about 1 game per generation of console same as Zelda (even though N64 had 2, which was basically the same game told different. eg., same graphics, setting, characters, etc, etc.) Whats my point? Nintendo need some new games Man instead of just relying on franchises. All companies milk their franchises but no one relys on them like Nintendo (Except maybe EA, but even they come up with NEW ip's all the time.). They would be bankrupt by now if not for Pokemon (Which is the one thing I like about Pokemon. They saved Nintendo). And people say how innovative they are. Why because of motion sensing? Its a great idea, I'm glad they did it, but they didn't invent motion sensing. They just implemented it into their controller. What were the truely innovative games of the last ten years? Vib ribbon. We love Katamari. Eyetoy (not a game, I know) Vagrant Story (sorely underated) Jumping Flash (The only first person Platformer I'm aware of) Flow looks like it will fit into this catagorey nicely. OK I'll stop cos I don't want to catch Fanboyitis but Sony never get credit for being anything but a rip off yet they do try and bring new games to the floor for us, and they are working on a hundred more at the moment, not just franchises. Obviously alot of Nintendo fans aren't going to agree with a word I've said but I'll just ask you to listen to one more thing. I'm getting a Wii in Dec, only cos its cheap and I like to have all consoles, but to be honest I think the only game I will get for it in the first 6 months is Zelda. There NO doubt Nintendo produce quality games and all that talent goes into there franchises but 2 or 3 good games a year (or worse 4 or 5 in a consoles lifetime) just isn't enough. PS Man X360 is going REALLY slow in Japan. (States the obvious

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"Zaidan Houjin Nippon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Kounin: KanKen DS " WTF? The Js are overrated.

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bow down to the power that is pokemon. which is the second most powerfullest franchise on earth after mairo.

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Since I'm usually supportive of Nintendo, I'm going to change things up and post something negative about Nintendo. I'll do it with as much style and class as the usual anti-Nintendo post. ehem, ZOMG NINTENDO IZ NOTHIN BUT A GIMMICK COMPANIE NOBODYY LIKEZ DOZE GAMEZ WHEN DEY COME OUT THEY JUSS KEEP BUYIN DEM CUZ DEY STOOPID. LOL DONT BUY NINTENDO U BE SORRY!

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Go DS!

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ds wow gba wow those japanese are mental (in a good way)!!

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@ lithus - So all the sports titles that are hungrily eaten up by the American markets aren't revisions of existing ideas and concepts? What are we up to in Madden now, 2029? Or FPS shooters...can anyone really spot the difference between some bad ass hero dude who uses lots of weapons to kill lots and lots of enemies in a first person perspective, and the next bad ass hero dude who does roughly the same? The American market, Japanese market are the same. They will produce titles that are surefire successes, catering to their market's tastes. How else do you expect them to stay in business? Occasionally you're going to see some real innovative stuff, and more often you're going to see those creative studios shut down, like what happened to Capcom's creative off branch (the names escapes me at the moment), because that isn't what sells in droves.

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The Pokemon games are selling to the elementary/ junior high school kids, while the Brain Training franchises are being bought up by adults. New Super Mario Bros. is being snached up by everyone in between. The DS is the first mainstream gaming device to have true mainstream succuss. You guys can write it off all you want. Truth is, if this trend wasn't already surfacing in the US and Europe, then the DS wouldn't be outselling all the other handhelds. I'm tired of people saying that the Japanese market is stagnant and shows little innovation, citing American developed games as a testament to true progress. If you don't want to experience this side of gaming that's your business. Don't call it down though. That's just ignorant.

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Ds sales are frigen great.

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Nintendo Profits Up 72%, Sony's Down 94% 10/26/2006, 7:41am Eastern Time Reuters reported today a devastating Q2 loss in profits of 94% for Sony due to enormous recall of 9.6M laptop batteries which had the potential to catch fire. In sharp contrast, profits for video game rival Nintendo are up nearly double (48%) for the first half of the fiscal year and 72% for Q2, oweing in large part to sales of its popular DS handheld. Nintendo hopes to repeat the DS's innovative success with its next generation Wii to launch Nov. 19, while Sony forcasts further loss due to lagging PSP sales and a price cut on its next-gen PS3, to launch two days earlier on Nov. 17.

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erm resi isnt really kiddy mate! sorta say that it includes violence/shooting. you forgot fable and elder scrolls and all the RTS which come out for pc.

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is it me or the DS might become the most successful hanheld in the history of video gaming?, at this rate it might, good job Nintendo.

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I really wanna know when Pokemon Diamond is out for DS in North America!!!!!!!!!

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I dont know about Japanese as Kids, or what sets the trend in Japan, but if being a kid means I have a large preference for titles like Brain Tranning, Final Fantasy, Draqon Quest, Okami (ok that game didnt sell well in Japan either), Pokemon, Zelda, Super Mario over games like Halo, God of War, Madden, Tony Hawk, Bully, and GTA. Than I would rather be a kid playing quality titles than games than involve either violence/shoorting or mainstream obession to get attention. I mean what's a better roster of titles................. Japan Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Great RPG Titles Shadown of Colussus/ ICO, The Nintendo Franchises (ok Metriod Prime was developed in the US) Western (US & UK) Halo God of War Grand Theft Auto Madden Doom, Quake, and any other FPS title Tony Hawk X-Men Legends / Marvel Alliance .. whatever Sims (which is good I admit) Smackdown! vs. RAW (actually the best one of the bunch but it was partly developed by Japanese Developers) Yeah I'll stick being with the "KIDS" then.

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Wow all the kids buying games in Japan rule the charts with an iron fist, madness indeed.

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lithus - isn't opinion a nice thing? pity yours is WAY off the mark :) GO NINTENDO!! NINTENDO FOREVER!!!

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FYI- I know you Nintendolts will volley the Wii retort, already ahead of ya. The Wii isn't innovative, it's a gimmick. Motion sensing, rumble and a little speaker isn't revolutionary. It's old technology with a spit shine.

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i don't agree, lithus. pokemon is a very deep game if you truly play it. you should at least try it before condemning it to the bargain bins of childhood games.

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I'll never fully understand the Japanese. On the one hand their the pioneers of some of the most innovative video game systems on the planet, yet they do so little with the software. Everyone else is trying different things and developing exciting ground breaking titles. Yet the Japanese are still screwing around with cutsie pixilated collect-em-all crap like Pokemon (what are we up to with that game...Plaid, Teal?). Seems like they'll produce a handful of decent games, than just focus on the same ol' crap 95% of the time. While America and other countries move on and advance, the Japanese will still be making Pokemon and Zelda games. Sad and ironic really.

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yah 360!! good work

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DS pwnz again. Always more than half tof the top titles are DS titles everyweek since the lite has been released. NIntendo are making $$$. I hope it will be the same for the Wii.

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"DS=Digital S***t" that made absolutely no sense.

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Man, I really want to get my hands on a copy of Pokemon Pearl. It actually looks like a good Pokemon game.

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Kefkamania05 "Wow thats the most Nintendo dominated chart in a while. 8/10 games!" Usually it is seven out of ten that are dominated by the DS games. One week nine were DS titles and one gba title.

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One of these days, Satoru Iwata is going to be arrested for counterfeiting bills. Why? Because for Nintendo, the DS is like printing money.

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