Japan game charts: October 16-22

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl selling as well as ever, as seven DS titles set up camp in the top 10.


Media Create has released its software sales statistics for the week of October 16-22, and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl showed no signs of slowing down. Together the two games moved another 231,979 units for the week, bringing their collective total above the 2.5 million mark. Media Create reported that some stores are still selling out of the pair as soon as new shipments arrive.

Only two new titles appeared on the list for the week. Coming in at number three was Captain Tsubasa, a soccer game based on the manga/anime of the same name. The other new title was Gekitou! Custom Robo, the latest member of Nintendo's Custom Robo franchise.

Nintendo DS games continued to dominate the top of the charts with seven of the top 10 spots, and this was mirrored by the week's hardware sales numbers. The DS Lite sold 116,941 units, while the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable sold 22,380 and 20,271, respectively. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 added another 1,287 units to its Japanese user base.

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