Japan game charts: July 31-August 6

PSP strategy title SD Gundam G Generation Portable grabs top spot; Star Fox Command misses top 10 in first week.


The Japanese gaming world was rocked this week with two monumental revelations: The best-selling game of the week was not for the Nintendo DS and Brain Age has finally left the top 10.

SD Gundam G Generation Portable for the PlayStation Portable, the latest game based on Bandai's Gundam anime franchise, was the best seller of the week, according to the latest data from Media Create. The top slot during the last several months typically has been claimed by a Nintendo DS game, with an occasional PlayStation 2 offering stealing a week on top here and there. Still, the anomaly will likely be brief. Five DS games remain in the top 10, with New Super Mario Bros. threatening at number two.

Another new game to the top 10, Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Hokuto no Ken SE, racked up high sales and came in at number three. Jissen Pachi-Slot is based on a Japanese slot machine, itself based on the Fist of the North Star manga series.

As well as those new titles sold, the performance of another new game was perhaps more notable for missing the top 10. Nintendo offered Japanese gamers a mix of action and strategy in Star Fox Command, but those who took the publisher up on that were only enough to make it the 14th best-selling game of the week. Meanwhile, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day is showing signs of slowing down. The game has sold 4 million units worldwide--including 3 million in Japan--but this week it missed the top 10 cut, sliding to number 12.

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Avatar image for tankbusta

but overall in japan the DS Is really popular but i think psp should enjoy its place at no 1 for a while

Avatar image for lvlUNE3B

Sadly, When time changes thing changes.

Avatar image for monk12345

This wont last long anyways, so let the psp have its first place for once. Jeez all these nintendo fanboys or sony haters are digusting.

Avatar image for hue14

At least I live in the USA!

Avatar image for patjuan

Come on Japan and push New Super Mario Bros over the 3 Million mark. It has sold over 2.6 million units therefore it 's not too hard. This would make NSMB the third DS game to sell over 3 million units.

Avatar image for mr_squibble

Wow ,a PSP game at #1 and and the GBA can still place a game in the top ten. Amazing stuff!

Avatar image for MSG-Deathscythe

i wish G Generations makes it to the US. I hope there won't be any problems with regards to royaly rights and all other bs. All of the Gundam DVDs which are in the User Video (provided by Orangestar - THANKS!) already came out in the US with the exception of Turn A Gundam. I hope that won't be a problem as my PSP has been collecting dust for a while. This is the only game which would make me give my DS a well-deserved rest ... unless Final Fantasy III comes out around the same period.

Avatar image for bamf03

All Soy needs to do now is drop the price around the same time as GTA Vice City stories launch and start the downloadable PS1 games sevice. I think the Japanese will go mad for a downloadable Final Fantsy VII game. With a price drop I'm sure many will think it's worth a purchase of a PSP just to play FFVII and then many other games that become downloadable. I wonder if the downloadable games will be included in the charts?

Avatar image for Ratchetbuddy101

*sigh* I'm getting sick and tired of all the Nintendo fan-boys screaming over the spot. Get over it, god. Can't you guys be happy for other people!

Avatar image for blackIceJoe

I am not a fan of the Gundam series but seeing as a lot of people in Japan do I can see it up there. So it is not a big deal if a PSP game is number one or fifty. It depends on what you like and this week people like that. So I can see it up there.

Avatar image for Ek-Andy

Are all the games their Japanesse, i dont see any western game in that selection lol.

Avatar image for Rockman_X9

INTERESTING!!!! BUT FOR HOW LONG WILL BE PSP ON THE FIRST SPOT??? About the STARFOX, thats really weird. Because I play it and is a really good game!!! Congratulations for PSP

Avatar image for Mad_Professor_X

I wonder how much money Sony gave to gamespot to write that article .....

Avatar image for doubtme

I need a price check on all Sony platforms, it seems they suck. hahaha, sony is going downhill. Anybody else ready to get some cheap electronics? I sure am!

Avatar image for Ices100

Wow psp fans are really excited that there is one game on the list which probabl won't be for long, and the rest owned by nintendo....wow good job sony (note the sarcasm ) R.I.P sony

Avatar image for EPaul

sony gain some ground from the ds

Avatar image for troakun

Now here's some drama, NSMB loses out to a PSP game, but is it a good game like say Locoroco? No, of course not, it's just another liscened anime game. I find it really odd that PSP fans are celebrating this, I'd rather celerbrate LocoRoco's high reviews than the popularity of yet another SD Gundam strategy game (which Bandai has been pooping out regularly since the days of the Famicon BTW and even has *shock* been released on the DS).

Avatar image for dexter111344

Well, it is Gundam. That is the reason why it happened. I wonder if it is good enough to stay in the top 10. Don't worry everyone. DS will gain the top spot next time. And hey, there is a Brain Training game up there. Don't ignore it! Still no Xbox or 360 game up there. That is kinda sad. DS still has half of the spots(which is good).

Avatar image for rl_41

hey Jestarius, i wasn't just calling the system good because of the #1 game, I said it was good since the day I bought it. Now those who only care about sales charts have something to look at. Chill out man, don't get all cheesed

Avatar image for Carman101

as long as the ds sells more and people keep on selling their psps for DSes. i dont care how many sales 1 game gets if you notice their is 6 nintendo handheld games up there and only 1 psp game so shut up sony fanboys.(yes im a fanboy wanna fight about.)

Avatar image for Leick3

Is that the only PSP game that has ever been #1 in the game charts! All games must slow down, even brain age

Avatar image for Ponsardin

Anime/manga + PSP = a game for number one spot in Japan.

Avatar image for bobreturns

id say thats dominated by nintendo

Avatar image for faridmon

ok tthe apoclypse is coming, prepare for the endtime, first it was bush twice, and then juventus to serie B,6/6/06 (not just that GTA game was released at that time), and then a PSP game nu. 1, not just that a FREAKING PSP game......, ok thats it am praying now, don't have to talk, i don't want to go to the hell, u know....

Avatar image for daqua_99

Oh no ... I can't believe Brain Training lost out .... its a sorry day for the DS ...

Avatar image for godovivel

where is suxbox ?

Avatar image for MiReflejo

That's okay... mANY NDS Games still hanging in top 10

Avatar image for faizali86

i hope theres a good lineup of games during the winter. that would be amazing considering that there might be a price drop for the psp.

Avatar image for Pastehunter

Yesssss , PSP rulez !

Avatar image for thekey

This is probaly the first PSP game I've seen in the top ten in a while, if not at all.

Avatar image for Charlie2688

Nice PSP! :D

Avatar image for Sig12047

BA will be back!

Avatar image for TintedChimes

Bring it to the US and hopefully the sole PSP game on the chart is good or at least decent. We need some different games on the PSP and I don't mind trying a turn base strategy game.

Avatar image for Karjah

meh it's a single good psp on top. :) it happens one game isn't going to make or break the psp in the end though.

Avatar image for adrianchan56

1 month stats don't mean much. Annual sales are more interesting to see.

Avatar image for Gigadragon2005

They really love Gundam SD! Pity that the innovative game locoroco is ignored :(

Avatar image for Jestarius

you are calling other people fanboys, yet you declare the system 'good' for getting #1 once. wow. just...wow.

Avatar image for rl_41

haha told u guys PSP was good... now there's a sales chart to prove it in other fanboys' ignorant eyes.

Avatar image for Devilwillcry


Avatar image for OmegaOrtega

PSP O_o Umm, is this game good? LoL import baby!

Avatar image for hemakm3

Go Sony.

Avatar image for shp2400

What the hell, a PSP game?

Avatar image for Friis87

To tuler2010: Well there is a brain age game up there, Kahashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu: Motto Nou o Kitaeru Otona DS Training is a sequel to Brain age and it have sold even better in Japan than Brain age 1.. You got to give to the japaness people, there are many different kind of games up there: Strategy, 2d platformers, Casino, Virtual life, Basketball, Brain Training, Cooking, Adventure, Rhythm and RPG.. 10 different genres in a top 10! Pretty impressive..

Avatar image for Zaxex

No xbox, or 360, a few ps2, 1 psp, 1 gba and five ds games. That console is insanely popular in Japan.

Avatar image for Shtinky

look a PSP game is no.1!

Avatar image for Kayrod29

hey look and xbox g.... oh wait..... v_v

Avatar image for tyler2010

No brain Age:(

Avatar image for 9997

Msoft shouldn't have even bothered releasing 360 there. Msoft was not in the top ten, or in the article..

Avatar image for assassinX01

Wow. That's pretty impressive that a PSP game topped the list amidst all of this DS frenzy.

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