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Japan game charts: July 17-23

Mario bounces back to the top slot; virtual cookbook serves up piping-hot sales figures; GameCube reenters top 10.


Media Create posted its game sales figures for the week of July 17-23 today. Nintendo's classic ode to two-dimensional gaming, New Super Mario Bros., and Motto Nou o Kitaeru Otona DS Training both bobbed back up after suffering slight setbacks last week.

The prominent role of non-gaming titles on the Nintendo DS continues to mark the handheld's presence in Japan--the market can't seem to get enough software titles that mix education with entertainment. This week, two new such titles made appearances on the charts. At No. 2, Shaberu! DS Oryori Navi sold 126,000 copies, while Minna no DS Seminar: Kanpeki Kanji Ryoku barely missed the top 10, ranking in at No. 11 with 23,000 copies sold.

For the first time in a while, a Nintendo GameCube game made the top 10. Combining Dragonball, Once Piece, and Naruto characters into a single fighting title proved to be a successful formula for Battle Stadium D.O.N on both the PlayStation 2, at No. 4, and the GameCube, at No. 8.

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