Japan Developers Back N64

Want to know if your favorite Japanese developer is working on N64 games? Look inside…


Now that Space World is over and the N64 has done well overseas, more Japanese developers are backing the system. Here is a poll recently printed Japan's The 64 Dream.

T64D polled N64 licensees about N64 development.

The poll follows. The first column shows how many N64 titles the company is releasing in 1998; the second column indicates if that company is working on any DD projects.

Asmik: To Be Determined, To Be Determined

Athena: TBD, TBD

Atlus: TBD, TBD

Imagineer: 10+ titles, Planning

Enix: No plans, TBD

Epoch: TBD

Capcom: Several titles, TBD

Culture Brain: TBD, Will consider after launch

Quest: TBD, Under development

Game Studio: Under development, Under development

Game Bank: Two titles, TBD

Genki: Under development, Planning to

Koei: TBD, Planning to

Kotobuki System: Three to four titles, Planning to

Konami: Multiple titles

Compile: TBD, TBD

Sammy: TBD, TBD

Shouei System: One or two titles, Will consider after launch

Seta: Three or four titles,, Under consideration

Taito: TBD, TBD

Chun Soft: TBD, TBD

T&E Soft: TBD, TBD

Tecmo: TBD, TBD

Tomy: TBD, TBD

Treasure: No plans, TBD

Namco: TBD, TBD

Japan System Supply: Two titles, Planning to

Hudson: TBD, Under development

Bandai: TBD, TBD

Banprest: One title, TBD

Human: TBD, TBD

VIS: * Two titles, Will consider after launch

Vic Tokai: TBD, TBD

Video System: Three titles, Planning to

Bottom Up: One title, TBD

Ubi Soft: Two titles, Planning to

(* Victor Interactive Software)

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