Jang 'SEn' Chia Chen wins Red Bull ECL 2013 Finals

Going largely unnoticed due to the corresponding Dota 2 finals, Taiwan's most accomplished professional Starcraft player, SEn won the event after beating Xiang 'MacSed' Hu in the grand finals.


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After a surprising group stage, where one of the favorites to win the entire tournament in Team Acer's ace Mun 'MMA' Seong Won found himself eliminated after losing to the aforementioned MacSed, Taiwanese protoss Ken 'Has' Yu Feng and the Chinese rookie protoss 'Gemini'. In his stead, another Korean terran took in his place in the shape of Kim 'SuperNova' Young Jin, who has not been active within the Starcraft 2 scene for months.

SEn subsequently walked through the upper bracket, displaying great decision making and ability as he defeated four protosses in a row to claim his title as the Red Bull ECL champion. MacSed's journey through the tournament saw him losing early on to team mate Jin 'Jim' Hui Cao. He then proceeded to eliminate 'SuperNova', before taking revenge upon his team mate Jim in the loser bracket final, but he was not able to overcome the Taiwanese zerg in the finals, and lost the series with a score of 2-1.

Image Source: Liquipedia.net, us.battle.net

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