JAMMA Show: Capcom

TOKYO - Capcom shows off Spawn, Strider 2, Great Magic Taisen and a new NAOMI project.


TOKYO - Spawn was the highlight of Capcom's booth at the JAMMA show. A cross between Tomb Raider and Quake, the game uses a third-person perspective. Players can change camera angles, but unlike Sega's Outtriggers, they won't be able to switch to a first-person perspective. There will be eleven characters - including Spawn and The Violator - taken directly from the comic books.

The Spawn game can connect up to four other NAOMI-based machines to offer multiplayer through a network. When there is only one machine available, players can play the single-player mode or challenge bosses in a boss-attack mode. And when two machines are connected, players can cooperate with one other in the team-battle mode. And finally, when there are three or more machines connected together, the battle royal mode becomes playable.

Spawn was 55 percent complete at the show. The level design, camera angle, and control needed a little improvement, but other than that, the game looked great - it definitely demonstrated some high-quality graphics.

The next big feature at Capcom's booth was Strider 2. Contrary to reports indicating the game is using a NAOMI board, it is actually running off a PlayStation compatible board. The gameplay is reminiscent of the first Strider (as GameSpot News reported earlier this year). so fans will definitely be happy to see its return. Strider is still labeled as being in early development, so we can expect further improvements in coming months.

One other game that caught our attention at the Capcom booth was the Great Magic Taisen. Following last year's Giga Wing, this is another joint project between Capcom and another developer. This time, the game is being developed by Capcom and Raizing. It is also the latest incarnation of Raizing's Magic series. (Previous titles were Magic Daisakusen in 1993, Shippuu Magic Daisakusen in 1994.) It is a side-scrolling shooting game returning after its first appearance seven years ago. Great Magic Taisen uses the CPS2 board, and it should definitely satisfy fans of the series.

Capcom's next joint project involves Psikyo as the developer, and Capcom as the character designer. The currently untitled game will be using the NAOMI board.

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