JAMMA 2002: Triforce arcade board in action

Sega shows off a version of Virtua Striker running on the new Triforce arcade hardware.


Virtua Striker 2002

Sega was prominently displaying a new version of Virtua Striker running on the Triforce arcade hardware at this year's JAMMA arcade show. The game looked nearly identical to other versions of the game with its highly detailed player models and equally detailed stadiums. The only visual aspect of the game that looks any different from previous Virtua Striker games is the team benches located across the other side of the field that show teammates eagerly awaiting their chance to run out onto the pitch. The gameplay remains largely unchanged.

You still can't really control your players on defense except when attempting to steal the ball by challenging or by slide-tackling. On the offensive side, there are two different passes (a lob and a ground pass), and you have to power up your shot on the goal by holding down the corresponding button for a few seconds. In addition, you can change team formations so that your players are either aggressive or defensive.

The Triforce arcade board, which is based on GameCube hardware, is a joint venture between Nintendo, Sega, and Namco. While Sega and Namco are actively involved in Triforce development with F-Zero and Star Fox respectively, Nintendo said back in February that it currently doesn't have any plans to support the hardware with internally developed content.

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