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Jamie Lee Curtis Credits Halloween's Success To Debra Hill

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"Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without Debra Hill."

When horror fans think of the Halloween movie franchise, the name John Carpenter always comes to mind. After all, he directed the original movie and served as a co-writer on the first three installments--even stepping in as a producer on Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Now that Carpenter is returning to the franchise with the newest Halloween film, there's something missing--a name that's been next to his in the credits of various Halloween films. Debra Hill may not be as closely associated with Michael Myers and his never-ending battle with Laurie Strode as Carpenter, but according to star Jamie Lee Curtis, she's as important to the movies as he is.

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"Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without Debra Hill," Curtis told GameSpot and a small group of press at the junket for the new film. "The voice of those girls is all Deborah Hill."

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The girls in question are Laurie Strode (Curtis), Lynda Van Der Klok (PJ Soles), and Annie Brackett (Nancy Kyes). "John is a talented man, but he's a, you know, guy from Kentucky," the actress explained. "He doesn't speak teenage girl like Debra Hill. I think those three women are Debra Hill. That intellectual side, the snarky, smart-aleck side, and the [frisky side]."

And in writing them how they did, Hill and Carpenter created a trio of women viewers cared about--especially with Strode. Halloween was the beginning of the slasher craze that went on to view victims as disposable chunks of meat, simply waiting to be slaughtered by whatever maniac was on the prowl. Laurie was never treated that way, though, and her friends were fully-formed humans. It hurt when they were killed by Michael.

"I think she was all three of those young women, and she, therefore, is responsible," Curtis said.

Halloween, which sees Curtis return to the franchise as Laurie one more time, hits theaters on October 19. Make sure to read our review of the film, as well as the franchise's most brutal kills, and why the new film could not have happened without Curtis.

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