Jamie Lee Curtis Cosplays, Shouts "Leeroy Jenkins" at Warcraft Premiere

Someone had to do it.


Jamie Lee Curtis, the actress from films such as Halloween and Freaky Friday is known to be a big fan of video games. She's cosplayed at conventions before and even attended the fighting game tournament Evo, dressed as a Street Fighter character. For her most recent expression of fandom, she appeared at the Warcraft movie premiere in full cosplay.

She even yelled "Leeroy Jenkins!" in a video she made with a fan.

It's likely you've heard the name before; Leeroy Jenkins has become an infamous Internet meme since it emerged back in 2005. World of Warcraft player Ben Schulz created the video in which a very bold and very dumb player sprints into a difficult battle alone, yelling the name as he caused everyone in his team to die. You can check out the original video here.

Curtis has cosplayed World of Warcraft characters before, as she did at BlizzCon 2015. Her Evo 2015 cosplay was also notable, and she even played a Street Fighter match against her son at the tournament.

The Warcraft film will be released on June 10, and you can check out a roundup of all the reviews of it here.

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