Jamie Foxx Hasn't Quit The Spawn Movie

After it was reported Jamie Foxx was dropping out of the Spawn movie, creator Todd McFarlane is clearing the air.


It's been a wild ride for Todd McFarlane's Spawn movie. After being in the works for so long, the movie finally seems to be happening, thanks in part to the success of Joker. However, it was recently reported that Jamie Foxx, who was set to star in the film as Spawn, had dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

Don't get too worried, though, as that is simply not the case. Speaking to GameSpot about the character's upcoming appearance in Mortal Kombat 11, MacFarlane confirmed that Foxx is still playing the character and hasn't dropped out of the project.

"It was funny because I had a couple of interviews with people I'm like, 'You know, I got Jamie Foxx, I got Jeremy Renner, and I was close to getting the third big heavy-hitter,'" he explained. "And I said I lost that heavy hitter and all of a sudden I got a call from Jamie Foxx's people going, 'What is this headline that says you've lost Jamie? You don't want Jamie?'"

He continued, "I didn't say that. It was in addition to Jamie and Jeremy, right? Somebody just misheard what I said, but that's okay. I cleaned it up."

As it stands, both Foxx and Renner remain part of the Spawn movie McFarlane is building. And because of Joker, the creator is confident he's going to get to tell the story his way. For now, there remains no potential release date for the film, which will be produced by Blumhouse.

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