James Gunn Shares Weasel's First Hilarious Screen Test For The Suicide Squad

The writer-director releases an entertaining behind-the-scene video of his brother Sean Gunn's first screen test as the character.


Director James Gunn has, for our viewing pleasure, released the first ever screen test of his brother Sean Gunn as Weasel for The Suicide Squad. It's just under a minute, but packs in a lot of laughs.

Fans of Sean Gunn who know him only from is oddball role of Kirk from Gilmore Girls will likely not be shocked to see how comfortable he is acting goofy in a MOCAP getup, but to see it without the CGI is--as always with these sorts of clips--truly absurd and silly. In the clip below, Sean flexes for his best "hero shot" and treks along slowly, barking, and making weird noises--all to a laughing production team's delight. It makes more sense in the movie, we promise.

Weasel has been described by James Gunn in previous interviews as "barely more than an animal." In the comics lore, Weasel is a weasel-like humanoid serial killer who murdered several children. He was incarcerated and became part of the first Task Force X strike team of the Corto Maltese mission. Upon reaching the island, Weasel drowned and the rest of the team believed that he died, but Weasel actually survived and stayed in Corto Maltese. In a word, the character is weird.

Brother James recently announced that after writing and directing The Suicide Squad, and also its upcoming Peacemaker spin-off slated for HBO Max in January, he's also developing yet another DC project. There's been no word yet on what that might be, but it's also known that he's working on a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, so it's likely (probably?) not related to Guardians.

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