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James Gunn Says Yondu Will Never Return To GOTG As Long As He's Involved

And he's dishing the dirt about some fan-favorite characters while he's at it.


As the writer and director of both Guardians of the Galaxy films to date, and another in the works, James Gunn has been flexing his role as keeper of GotG lore on Twitter. He's shot down the hopes of anyone wanting to see fan-favorite character Yondu resurrected, saying it'll never happen as long as he's still working on the series.

In the realm of both comic books and comic book movies, it's not unusual for writers to find a reason to resurrect a character previously thought to be dead, especially when they're popular. However it's because of Yondu's popularity with fans that Gunn says he won't ever bring the character back.

While he was already breaking hearts, Gunn also confirmed that the Groot who appeared in the original Guardians of the Galaxy is also dead and will continue to stay dead--which may come as a surprise to fans who believed Baby Groot was the same character.

In better news, the alien rat (or "Orloni") that Peter Quill used as a microphone in the opening scene of GotG is happily alive and well, breeding an army's worth of baby alien rats on Centauri IV. Hey, James Gunn said it so it must be canon. Do you think we'll get a Microphone Orloni cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3?

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