James Gunn Loves KOTOR, But He's Not Sure It Should Be A Movie

Gunn also remarked that he has no plans to make a Star Wars movie.


The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is a big fan of BioWare's Star Wars RPG, Knights of the Old Republic. However, he's not sure it should become a film, and he has no plans to direct a Star Wars movie.

Posting on Twitter, Gunn said he was happy to see KOTOR trending this week. "It's still the greatest video game of all time," he said. "It is my favorite Star Wars thing out of all Star Wars games, movies, TV shows, toys, and comics."

Someone replied to ask if Gunn could pull some strings at Disney and try to make a KOTOR movie. But he replied, "Just because it's a perfect video game doesn't mean it needs to be a movie."

Naturally, people wondered if Gunn's tweets about KOTOR might be some kind of tease that he is working with Disney on a new Star Wars project, but this doesn't appear to be true.

Asked if he was contemplating making the jump to Star Wars, Gunn said, "I am not." Someone else asked him if his tweets about KOTOR represented a hint about what he might work on next, but Gunn replied, "Nope."

While KOTOR might be Gunn's favorite game, he also said he is a big fan of BioWare's Mass Effect. "Love Mass Effect also," he said.

Gunn's current schedule with movies, TV shows, and other projects is currently incredibly busy. He's now finishing up The Suicide Squad for release in August and working on the Peacemaker TV show with John Cena. He's also set to begin filming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 this year.

As for the Star Wars game series, EA is staying in business with Lucasfilm for additional titles, but the company's deal is no longer exclusive. As such, Ubisoft's The Division team is working on a new open-world Star Wars game.

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