Jam with the Band expansion planned

An add-on GBA cartridge will give additional songs to Nintendo's music game for the DS.


Daigasso! Band Brothers

TOKYO--Nintendo announced in Japan that it will release an expansion that provides additional tracks for its DS music game, Daigasso! Band Brothers, tentatively titled Jam with the Band for its to-be-determined release in the US. The add-on will be released in the form of a Game Boy Advance cartridge that can be inserted into the DS, along with Band Brothers. The add-on cartridge for Band Brothers will feature 20 additional tracks as selected by gamers via a poll on the official Japanese Nintendo site, which ends August 1. Voters will receive free Band Brothers wallpapers, and 100 lucky winners will also get a limited edition Band Brothers that comes with five additional tracks, including the theme song from Legend of Zelda. Results of the vote and the add-on cartridge's release date will be announced on August 22.

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