Jaleco Makes You the VJ

TOKYO - Jaleco follows Konami's footsteps in the music game category but makes it a more visual experience.


TOKYO - Jaleco followed Konami's path with its new title, VJ: Visual & Music Slap. Then again, the idea is simple - just push the buttons with the right timing. In VJ, as you push the right buttons, you get tunes complete with cool video footage. With these "club taste" video clips (all exclusive in this game) and tunes, you can be a visual jockey (VJ). The tracks featured in this game are techno, hip-hop, and drum n' bass, and there are even some preexisting disco hits from the '70s and '80s.

Jaleco also displayed a sequel to its popular mah-jongg title Su Chi Pai III. It's a rather politically incorrect game that is best described as strip mah-jongg (only you don't strip in the arcade, but your onscreen opponents do). These kinds of games are somewhat popular in Japanese arcades. But this time, it's based on Sega's Naomi board. Historically, the Su Chi Pai series had been released for the PlayStation, Saturn, and even the Super Famicom. Of course these were toned down a little from the arcade versions. In the early ports, the Saturn version was the closest to the arcade. In later ports, the Saturn version was exactly the same as the arcade. Some believed that the reason Saturn failed in Japan is because of these types of games. Reportedly, Sega revised its ethics code and would no longer let third parties release those types of games. Will Jaleco port this game to the Dreamcast? Will Sega let it happen? The answer remains to be seen.

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