Jak and Daxter Trilogy rated for PS3

German rating board outs Sony PlayStation 3 collection of Uncharted developer Naughty Dog's PS2 platformers; release window unknown.


With last week's launch of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, developer Naughty Dog completed a trilogy of trilogies built on original intellectual properties. One of the studio's previous trilogies appears set to receive the high-definition compilation treatment, as Siliconera today spotted a German ratings board listing for Jak and Daxter Trilogy Edition on the PlayStation 3.

Jak and Daxter appear to be in line for a current-gen compilation.
Jak and Daxter appear to be in line for a current-gen compilation.

The Jak and Daxter trilogy originally appeared on the PlayStation 2. The 3D platformer Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy kicked off the series in 2001 and took a darker turn with a pair of open-world sequels: 2003's Jak II and 2004's Jak 3. Naughty Dog followed up the Jak trilogy in 2005 with the vehicular spin-off Jak X: Combat Racing.

While the rating does not specify the Trilogy Edition's contents, the name suggests that Jak X could be left out of the package. This would not be the first time the driving game was left out of a Jak compilation; in 2009, Sony released a Jak Triple Pack on the PS2 that included only the first three games in the series.

For more on Naughty Dog's Jak games, check out GameSpot's reviews of Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing.

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Now all we need is Ratchet and Clank trilogy to complete the ultimate trio of PS2 games.

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Sweet :)

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@usermikey "It's too bad no Jak X. though there is still hope! It would make the buy even more worth it!!!" As much as I love that game, I had difficulty enjoying because of the save corruption glitch. :(

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Now I want a Gex, Spyro (first 3), Rayman (first 3), Ratchet and Clank (first 4), Crash Bandicoot (4 made by Naughty Dog) and Star Wars Battlefront HD collections! :D

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I was expecting this, and now that it's come, man I can't wait; as much as I hate to admit it, if there's one series I've been closest to being a fanboy of/the most attached to, it would have to be the J&D franchise, I'm afraid, lol. :-P The memories I have of stepping into Misty Island for the first time up until the last boss fight and final few cutscenes at the end of Jak 3 bring back a flood of emotions, ranging from frustration to hilarity to plain 'ol romps of enjoyment. To any gamer, fanboy/girl or not, I strongly advise in buying this HD collection when it comes out, lol; as long as you don't mind fast-paced action, platforming, speedy racing, and an enigmatic cast fully accompanied with a lighthearted, engrossing story, I'd bet my two angry camels in a car that you won't be disappointed. ;) O_o

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I want this...I really want a crash bandicoot trilogy on PS3 as well...man oh man imagine going through all the crash bandicoots, jak and Dax and uncharted games back to back to back....heavenly gaming right there! Naughty Dog! You rock! Can't wait for the next trilogy of yours on the next Sony system!

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I had a bad day until I read this.

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This has been some of the best news i have had all year, i am so happy now that i know for certain my favourite trilogy is coming back. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this if i saw it in the shops. Thanks Gamespot.

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I had a bad day, Gamespot. And you just made it brighter. One of my favorite franchises ever, on my PS3, in HD. :D

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Sony officially confirmed it!

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Every time a new Jak dropped, i went for rachet and clank instead. Time to remedy that.

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perfect! was hoping for this one!

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Hell.YES! Would also be cool of Daxter was given as a bonus game. Doesn't even have to be remastered of have trophy support but I of course wouldn't be against it being either :)

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i love jak and daxter! one of my favorite ps2 games, would love to see a HD remake, or a sequel would be sweet!

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Just saw the title Started hyperventilating Going to read the article now... ... Okay, this **** is ****ing awesome. I hope this is legit. (sorry for the childishness in the post, but this was something I enjoyed A LOT in high school).

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I would buy a HD Jak and Daxter set in a heartbeat,.

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@ All of you who want Jak 4 more than this collection The Sly collection gave new comers a chance to play the Sly Cooper games and catch up to Sly 4 which was secretly teased in the Sly Collection. Lets hope Jak and Dexter follow suit huh? :-)

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I may pick this up. I missed out on Jak and Daxter back in the day (one of those "I'll get around to it sometime!" games) but I've always heard great things. It would need to come out in a down time of year--for instance, I'd meant to pick up la noire PC when it came out but I'm far too occupied with new releases, I might not get around to it now.

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Good game, but alas, I cannot stress how much I want a Kingdom Hearts HD collection to hit the shelves. Couldn't hurt to have J&D 4 to come out also.

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can we just get another Jak game already......and ignore Lost Frontier (i have it, i played it, its not a bad game on its on, but its a horrible Jak game), ignore it and not make it canon. that, or have Naughty Dog Redo the whole thing and make it awesome. but a 4th one would be awesome.

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Bring back the ol' memorys :D

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LOVED the Jak series. Cant wait for this!

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This is why we can't have nice things. Just announce Jak 4 already!! Although I'm gonna love this trilogy edition to death, Naughty Dog NEEDS to make a new Jak and Daxter.

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i loved these games in ps2, i would buy a ps3 just for jak 4, i am ever so slightly jealous of you ps3 users

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It'd be great if they could properly remake Jak II: PS3 graphics, new environments, new guns...but an HD update will do :) So where's my Jak 4, Naughty Dog?

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Is it sad that the only games I'm looking forward to other then titles like Skyrim are PS2 HD Remasters? This nearly made me soil myself.

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This is really exciting. I really loved the original Jak & Daxter series made by Naughty Dog, and played through most of them multiple times. Hopefully it also will include Jak X, since I think it lived up to the high standard of the series, and would be fantastic if its online components remained intact and playable. With an HD overhaul, I'll definitely be up for playing through the trilogy again. This warrants a purchase for sure.

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I played the first Jak & Daxter but none of the rest. So I missed out. This is definitely welcomed. I too hope to see not only a Ratchet & Clank HD release but a GTA series/trilogy release for the ps3 as well.

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jak 4 after this pl0x

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This is Jak 4 << LINK REMOVED >>

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Please do Ratchet & Clank next. The new R&C's aren't as good as the originals.

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I would totally buy a HD version of these games. Jak 2 is one of my favourite PS2 games.

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Looking forward to this for sure.

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I really like Jak and Daxter. I have Jak 3 and Jak X for my PS2 and Daxter for my PSP. Once Jak 4 finally comes out for the PS3 I'm definitely getting it.

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Hell yes! Then Jak 4.

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I seriously just squealed like a little girl when I read the headline. Alright Sony, you're 1/3. My deal with you was to at the LEAST, bring out a Jak, Ratchet, and Ape Escape collection and I will be willing to give up my used 60gb for a purchased-new PS3 Slim. Oh yeah and please try to bring Klonoa 2 over. Please.

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I seriously just squealed like a little girl when I read the headline. Alright Sony, you're 1/3. My deal with you was at the VERY LEAST, make a Ratchet collection and a Ape Escape collection and I will be willing to give up my used 60gb with a 500gb hard drive and purchase a Slim.

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It's too bad no Jak X. though there is still hope! It would make the buy even more worth it!!!

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Still need a GTA collection.

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Well, personally, I'm completely satisfied now. God of War Collection, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, Metal Gear Solid HD, Jak and Final Fantasy X. But there are probably a few more collections they could do. I know a lot of people really like the Ratchet & Clank series.

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Jak X and Lost Frontier are completely expendable releases, the original trilogy is all we want. They're the winners of the series.

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woo!! i've been waiting for this since sony first announced that they would be releasing hd collections of ps2 games :D even all these years later i still play these games. i've beaten Jak 2 and 3 on hero mode lord knows how many times XD so much fun! can't wait to finally earn a trophy for doing that! at least i assume they'll include trophies for completing hero mode :P anyway, all we need now is the first 3 ratchet games bundled in a nice collection and i'll be happy :D

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Between this and MGS collection, I am a very happy ps3 owner. The only thing that could be any better is a Champions of Norrath collection. Or at least add them to the ps2 classics....

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This means this collection will also hint to a sequel?

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Jak and Dax was a great series, but the first three Crash Bandicoots have my heart. Naughty Dog knew how to make a damn fine platformer.

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My favorite game series! Yesss!!! :D

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