Jak and Daxter reuniting Nov. 3

Lost Frontier finds platforming duo back together for new adventure on PSP and PlayStation 2.


Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time for the PlayStation 3 may be Sony's premier platforming game this holiday season, but it isn't the only one. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier will also be hitting the PSP and PlayStation 2 shortly, as Sony has announced a November 3 release date for the pair's next adventure.

Jak is the one with the ill-advised soul patch.
Jak is the one with the ill-advised soul patch.

Although Jak and Daxter is one of Naughty Dog's signature franchises, The Lost Frontier was developed by High Impact Games. High Impact has cannily handled previous PSP departures for Ratchet & Clank, including Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. The only previous PSP title in the Jak lineage, 2006's solo sidekick platformer Daxter, was developed by Ready at Dawn.

The Lost Frontier will combine the series' action and platforming roots but will retain some of the vehicular mayhem introduced in 2005's Jak X: Combat Racing. In addition to wielding the new gunstaff--a weapon with the ability to transform into new weapons--Jak and Daxter will take the fight to the skies in five kinds of aircraft.

For more on The Lost Frontier, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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I might get it but it will be on UMD.

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i think we sony will announce jak for ps3 at next year's E3 even naughty dag's co-president said they would love to make anothet jak game since they also love that series a lot.... end of the day its sony's call and to all who say it should be on ps3 waite we already got a lot of exclusives coming our way just 2009 alone killzone2 infamous demon's soul uncharted2 ratchet that's 5 not good but hreat exclusives psp and ps2 should get support too and i will play this on my 60gb ps3 which i upgraded to 500gb

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PSP version isn't worth it, it's going to a piece of **** on the PSP. It's should'v been for PS3 and PS2, it was intended for it.

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Im a fan of Jak and Daxter (1-2-3) but not the other games that driving one (cant remember its name) didnt actually work properly and crashed a lot and now that Naughty Dog isnt even making this one theres no way im going to get it.

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I think Sony is testing to see if Jak & Daxter still sells to determine if they'll make a PS3 version.

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when i seen jaks pic on the news thread. i was like unreal.... a next gen jak and daxter!!!. but then i see its only for ps2 and psp. my gut is still turning even aftr clicking on this thread for the second time. and even though i own a 60 gig ps3 and can still play this. its not right to the people who have bought a ps3 the last two years or so. that cant play ps2 games on their 399 to 299 systems.

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Jak in PS3 = me dying a happy man.

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all i can say is...why? i really want to see j&d on a f****** ps3 not my sh**y psp...why are you doing this to ps3 ownerrss...whhyyyy? i guess uncharted makes up for it..

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dang. thats a low blow to ps3 owners. instead we get a 3rd rachet game???

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Sweet, but one can only hope it will be as awesome as when Naughty Dog worked on the Jak franchise. And if they would just change Kiera's VA back to the actor in Jak II. I just don't like Tara Strong as Kiera.