Jak and Daxter reuniting Nov. 3

Lost Frontier finds platforming duo back together for new adventure on PSP and PlayStation 2.


Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time for the PlayStation 3 may be Sony's premier platforming game this holiday season, but it isn't the only one. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier will also be hitting the PSP and PlayStation 2 shortly, as Sony has announced a November 3 release date for the pair's next adventure.

Jak is the one with the ill-advised soul patch.
Jak is the one with the ill-advised soul patch.

Although Jak and Daxter is one of Naughty Dog's signature franchises, The Lost Frontier was developed by High Impact Games. High Impact has cannily handled previous PSP departures for Ratchet & Clank, including Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. The only previous PSP title in the Jak lineage, 2006's solo sidekick platformer Daxter, was developed by Ready at Dawn.

The Lost Frontier will combine the series' action and platforming roots but will retain some of the vehicular mayhem introduced in 2005's Jak X: Combat Racing. In addition to wielding the new gunstaff--a weapon with the ability to transform into new weapons--Jak and Daxter will take the fight to the skies in five kinds of aircraft.

For more on The Lost Frontier, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for BtmnHatesRbn

Who and who now? Oh, right, a sequel to a game series that NOBODY talks about in the real world. So, who cares? (I want names and phone numbers so I can talk to these people. Also, that's called sarcasm.)

Avatar image for blazingsaddle95

I'm really pumped for more Jak and Daxter

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@jakass13 Hate to break it to you, but from what Naughty Dog has said (this is the gist of their quote)... "With the PS1, we didn't really have the processing power to immerse the player in reality, so we went for a much more cartoony game in Crash. When the PS2 came around, we had more power, but still not enough to make a convincing reality, so we added some seriousness in Jak but stayed within a fantasy world. Now that the PS3 is here, we finally feel we have enough power under the hood to create a complete, realistic experience for the player. So we made Uncharted." It seems like Naughty Dog has every intention of sticking with Uncharted, since the quote implies that their ultimate goal was making a realistic game. There remains the possibility of more Jak from Naughty Dog, seeing as Sony Computer Entertainment still owns the license. But I get a feeling it's not happening. I don't like it either. :(

Avatar image for TXMostWanted

One of my most anticipated titles this year!! It's been a long time since I've been excited for a platformer like Jak and Daxter :-D

Avatar image for jakass13

i want Jak nd Daxter HD

Avatar image for jakass13

the gun staff is basicly the same gun frim jak 3 with a new look but i still plan on pickin up this game jak shall nevr dieXD naughty dog bettr be just takin a break from jak nd not droppin him the way they dropped crash

Avatar image for Chester950

Nov 3 i'll be downloading this :D lol, Daxter is wearing pants xD

Avatar image for Raizer-Sabre

from what i've seen of this game, it doesn't draw me as much as first three did, but i might get it anyway and see what it's like for myself, and plus it's jak and daxter, so it better be awesome :P

Avatar image for bangboom

Why aren't they on the PS3!? On the other hand, I have backwards compatibility hehe :)

Avatar image for D4NZEL-709

Lets just hope that ND doesn't make UNCHARTED X lolololololol

Avatar image for aura_enchanted

daxter + jax has gotta be one of the greatest tag teams since all say mario & luigi.. simply great.. they make one mean action oriented cocktail ive ever had to experience regardless of what system you find them on. and tbh im happy its not on ps3.. tbh the ps3 was a bit of a let down for me.. most of its titles have failed to interest me enough to bother getting into consoles this gen. xbox n wii are no different but i expected more from sony.. just a little anyway...

Avatar image for lamprey263

I thought they would have put the next Jak & Daxter game on the PS3, but at least if it's going to the PSP it should be on the PS2 as well.

Avatar image for kamizuka

i hope there making a Ps3 Blue-ray game next

Avatar image for Ratchet_Fan8

woop! i have a 60 gig =)

Avatar image for yrret876


Avatar image for thundaro

ill bet if UC2 is huge (which it should be) we will see Jak and Dax return to the PS3, I mean if ND has the extra cash to throw around why not?

Avatar image for red-ray

I've missed them alot. at last a good game for psp.

Avatar image for shadow9669

I am surprised they haven't brought Jak and Dexter to the ps3 yet.

Avatar image for JerWroten

Loved Jak and Daxter. Blast of a game, hope to see more.

Avatar image for shadow9669

good thing ps2 don't cost much b/c my old one is with my brother in California so ill buy a ps2 slim from gamestop to play this game

Avatar image for Flint247

Please bring back the OLD Crash Bandicoot... :(

Avatar image for metalkid9

Daxter came with my PSP and it was a blast. This should be wicked!

Avatar image for NoLifeGamin

wait....so this was developed mainly for the psp?....i prefer the ps2 one(doesn't feel right if it's not on ps2), BUT MY PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility, and my PS2 slim is lost T_T and im too lazy to go out and buy another one, cuz i probably end up wasting money after i found out the one i "lost" was right under my nose

Avatar image for Tygraph

I wish Naughty Dog would keep developing their old hit franchises! Imagine how good a new Jak and Daxter, or Crash Bandicoot game would be with the skills and ability they have now :)

Avatar image for lilmp89

Can't wait =)

Avatar image for Dante200X

I'll be honest, I'm hyped for this game and I definitely want to play it, but I just HOPE that Naughty Dog realizes how popular this series still is and takes back what they said about not continuing it on the PS3 (since their new console franchise is now Uncharted). Because they've pretty much done that so far with Crash on PS1 and now Jak.....

Avatar image for twv25

i hope all the original characters are in this one and have an actual role unlike in jak 3 where that girl(cant remember name but grew up with jak and is green sage' daughter)had like no lines at all.it was kinda weird considering she played a major role in the previous titles.but WOOHOO new jak and daxter game.greatest video game hero in my opinion.

Avatar image for deactivated-5cd05fa50bb7d

Like everyone else.......Id like a PS3 Jak & Dakter. :P but this is cool, for when I get my PSP GO. :(darn though, wish I still had my PS2

Avatar image for monson21502

is some one working for sony the person who keeps giving people asking why not a ps3 version a thumbs down?

Avatar image for necorid

The evolution of Jak is astounding. look at the cover for jak and daxter for PS2 then look at the cover for lost frontier

Avatar image for vidplayer8

Wow, finally a Jak and Daxter game, and its not on the PS3. Oh well, I might still pick this up. thank goodness for a 60GB PS3

Avatar image for elitecrank

I knew i should of kept my ps2 now i get to play the next Jak and Dexter game!!! w00t but i do agree it should be on ps3 but im fine that its on the psp and ps2 and besides i have a 360 so if it was on ps3 i would be missing out but that would be awsome Jak and Daxter running on the uncharted engine BEASTNESS!!!

Avatar image for NuKkU

i will get this game sooner or later but to be honest i want a Next-Gen Jak game :evil:

Avatar image for prioritymail

I still wish Naughty Dog had went with the PS3 for this game. Just imagine a Jak game with the Uncharted engine!

Avatar image for hot_shot_9

Next jak game, should be a next gen game. Made by Naughtey Dogg, for ps3 exlclusive in my opinion, cause then they can make it bigger, because of blu-ray's massive memory.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13

@rockwii13 I agree but when it comes to the online segment that you mentioned i was disappointed at how it wasn't introduced when Jak 3 came onto the scene i mean after beating the game, you had this huge wasteland and well Haven City that could have been put to greater use incorporating multiplayer races (local as well as online), base battles, capture the flag (or in this case precursor item) and a whole heck of other features. Insomniac did it for Ratchet and Clank 3 so i was expecting more from Naughty Dog aside from the couple extras they had added (as i mentioned in my review of the game). Ah well, just as many, here's hoping they make a new next gen Jak to get the series back to the big screen!

Avatar image for Viral-venom13

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Deranged_Devil

Well been a fan of the series since the beginning, might as well give this one a go.

Avatar image for rockwii13

I liked the Jak and Daxter series, but I'm disappointed that it won't be on a next-gen platform. I just wish they would move the series forward instead of keeping it in the past with lack of online play, DLC, and updated graphics.

Avatar image for jellyBEANz1

This could be fun, but I honestly prefer their original character designs. The series starter was so much more light-hearted than all of the follow-ups; I found it more enjoyable.

Avatar image for Gooshnads

all i can say is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

I was kind of hoping that Ready At Dawn would get another crack at the series... what with Daxter being so well done and especially after High Impact's lackluster Size Matters. Ah well. Its still J&D and I won't knock it till I try it.

Avatar image for phil-_-meh

lets hope that this game is well recieved :P

Avatar image for xXZak-ataKXx

hopefully its good!

Avatar image for spyroiskool

Can't wait, gotta dust of the PS2 or pray that it works in my PS3

Avatar image for Timbydude

@MAG--256 I'm sorry and I'm not trying to be mean, but PLEASE use some semblance of proper grammar when you post. Whatever you said is so garbled that I can't even figure out what it was supposed to mean. Anyway, this is sort of a last-minute announcement. I have a feeling this will be fine, though; High Impact did a great job with the portable Ratchet and Clank games.

Avatar image for TSNAKE617

I saw a hands-on, it looked extremely disappointing. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for Shakezulah

It's great to finally be getting a new Jak game, even if it's not made by ND. I have some doubts, but I'm really hoping this turns out good and I will be purchasing this day one for sure.

Avatar image for gmreedy

Seriously? PS2? PSP? You got to be kidding me.