Jak and Daxter reuniting Nov. 3

Lost Frontier finds platforming duo back together for new adventure on PSP and PlayStation 2.


Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time for the PlayStation 3 may be Sony's premier platforming game this holiday season, but it isn't the only one. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier will also be hitting the PSP and PlayStation 2 shortly, as Sony has announced a November 3 release date for the pair's next adventure.

Jak is the one with the ill-advised soul patch.
Jak is the one with the ill-advised soul patch.

Although Jak and Daxter is one of Naughty Dog's signature franchises, The Lost Frontier was developed by High Impact Games. High Impact has cannily handled previous PSP departures for Ratchet & Clank, including Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. The only previous PSP title in the Jak lineage, 2006's solo sidekick platformer Daxter, was developed by Ready at Dawn.

The Lost Frontier will combine the series' action and platforming roots but will retain some of the vehicular mayhem introduced in 2005's Jak X: Combat Racing. In addition to wielding the new gunstaff--a weapon with the ability to transform into new weapons--Jak and Daxter will take the fight to the skies in five kinds of aircraft.

For more on The Lost Frontier, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Daxter on the PSP was awesome! Developer Ready at Dawn did a great job. I hope that developer High Impact can deliver a similar great experience. I saw that Secret agent Clank got a high score on gamespot. So I am confident that they will deliver a great game. The trailer shows in game footage and it looks promising. I think this will be a buy.

Avatar image for Darkman2007

im looking forward to this game, im getting the PS2 version (probably the last new game I will buy for the system), and hopefully it will be great. but is the Nov. 3 release applicable to Europe?, anyone know the official EU release date?

Avatar image for rht992

i love Jak and Daxter so i going to check this out at some time but first i have to find my Ps2! I know its around here somewhere

Avatar image for MetallicFPSNut

@Calmed_Fury I think Naughty Dog did some work on this earlier but ended up handing it off to High Impact after they saw how big Uncharted 2 was going to be.

Avatar image for fps_d0minat0r

@ Calmed_Fury naught dog will be too busy with uncharted 2.......and im assuming their gonna get straight to work on DLC.

Avatar image for Calmed_Fury

Why did they make this game? I don't want another J&D game unless it's made by Naughty Dog and is on the PS3

Avatar image for fps_d0minat0r

nice!! makes me wish warhawk was on psp. @ itsme73 developer doesnt matter, as long as its a first party title the people from sony will go and help out. take guerialla games for example........they were crap at making games and then they made one of the best shooters because they were assited by people from SCE.

Avatar image for aChaChaCha

Be the game for me to dust off the veteran that is the ps2 it looks like :D

Avatar image for SquareEnixFan13

I don't like how Jak looks in this one, but I'll still be getting it, I just hope it's good. And it will be on UMD aswell correct?

Avatar image for MattUK07

might get this

Avatar image for itsme73

I don't really like having J&D developed by another company but at least its HIG (who have shown they can make great platformers) instead of LucasArts or some cheap company

Avatar image for andrwindmddl77

wow november 3rd. that's a month.... i can't recall an announcement for a game with such a soon release date following it

Avatar image for godoo

@weezyindamuluva because they worked on uncharted, they only do one game at a time could jak be next? maybe, depends on how well uncharted does and if they make a 3rd one

Avatar image for weezyindamuluva

@godoo then why isnt it back cuz alotta ppl want j&d back??? I miss those games...

Avatar image for godoo

naughty dog has said that if fans want jak and daxtar they are willing to bring it back....probably only to ps3 seeing as how nearly all their games are ps3 exclusives another reason to have ps3 xD

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

Plan on picking this up.

Avatar image for DMLSLAT

Where's the PS3 love?

Avatar image for tmorri603

Looks like it is going to be a good game.

Avatar image for misterbutt

daxter on the psp was good. but i didnt get into gaming til the tail end of last generation when i got a gamecube which i had for like a year then the wii/ps3/360 came out. so havent played any jack and daxter.

Avatar image for geedotherodian

@Exactlamento what do you see that is wrong with lost frontier? And how did Daxter on the PSP tarnish the series name? It got a 9.1 from gamespot.

Avatar image for sonicthemegaman

I don't think it'll be the same unless ND is making it, not HIG. :(

Avatar image for DonatelloToAll

This better be epic,don't screw this up HIG!

Avatar image for Exactlamento

This doesn't look good. The jak series was amazing...on the ps2 and i only count the trilogy. all that jak x and that other psp crap tranishes the series' name. It's a shame too Ratchet and Clank gets way more love than ol' jak-o

Avatar image for CHARLES84

I loved the Jak series. But honestly, although this game will be sick. They need this on PS3, I have Xbox and I'm saying this. Ratchet and Clank have made the transision, why not Jak and Daxter. I'd most love to see another JakX on PS3.

Avatar image for DocGerbil

I'm a PS3 owner and I'm buying this game.

Avatar image for blueguykisame

i agree with mj.. also, i hope this game turns out good

Avatar image for jesseneu

They need to quit making ps2 games. I realize it's an easy port from psp to ps2. If they want to sell more ps3's then they need to get all the people stuck in the last gen to convert to the ps3.

Avatar image for wii_sean_wii

this game is made for psp they r only converting it over to the ps2 bcoz its not a difficuclt task

Avatar image for blackace

Well.. a lot of people won't be able to play this game on their PS3. Damn shame. I still haven't played any of the PSP games. Someone said Microsoft was milking Halo, so what is Sony doing with Jak and Daxter? They've made about 10 games already across 3 platforms. Anyways, we'll see how this game turns out.

Avatar image for THEGoD1

I dont really think it will be a success on the psp partially because High impact games is making it this time but if Naughty dog made it instead and like on the ps3 then i would be all over it :D

Avatar image for guitardude1243

I agree, Jak and Daxter stand out among series I greatly enjoyed, hopefully this iteration is successful as well.

Avatar image for Gamelova08

it's sad...ps2 is whooping it's own son...the PS3...after all these hours, the ps2 is STILL more played...I know more people who still own and play a ps2 then people who play ps3....

Avatar image for Gamelova08

PS3 no backwards compatibility, no buy. Now where was that deal for the Xbox 360?

Avatar image for Boat3600

@hiway2hell The PS3 will last that long. Sony said it was made to be on the market for 10 years.

Avatar image for hiway2hell

PS2 still has new games after almost a decade. Too bad ps3 won't last that long

Avatar image for Morbidmassacre

Jak & Daxter is definitely one of the best game series i have ever played. I hope this will rock at least nearly as much as 1, 2, and 3.

Avatar image for alabama_redneck

If the ps2 should die then halo needs to die.

Avatar image for ChidoriBoyU

been waiting for this one hope it's gonna be good

Avatar image for thetravman

@Gooshnads They should. Price drop happened, and it's 3 years into the next gen. Alot of people have Xbox or GC still but there's no games making for them anymore. Ps2 had a good run, but this is too long.

Avatar image for joshboy101

it's into it's 10th year!

Avatar image for joshboy101

wow good on sony for actually still supporting the ps2!

Avatar image for Gooshnads

@thetravman why does it need to die? lol a lot of people still don't have ps3 360 or wii...

Avatar image for thetravman

The Ps2 needs to die. Seriously.

Avatar image for dogpigfish

Another soulless franchise.

Avatar image for dylan417

I hope this series doesn't get driven into the ground like Spyro and Crash when they got new developers.

Avatar image for dylan417

damn, I was hoping it would come out in December, cuz im getting psp go for Christmas, and that would be the first game i buy, waiting all that while is gonna suck.

Avatar image for Bodboy466

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for videogameking33

Great stuff, huge platformer fan and can't wait till November 3rd:-)

Avatar image for rpawloski2458

I really doubt we will see a ND developed Jak for the PS3... but maybe another developer? I think that would be very likely. ND's pattern has been to start a new franchise with every console generation and let another company take over the previous IP. It didn't work for Crash... but could they find a better developer for Jak? Here's hoping...