Jagged Alliance 2.5 Near?

Sirtech has completed the stand-alone expansion, Unfinished Business, and has secured a European publisher.


After numerous delays, Sirtech's expansion to Jagged Alliance 2 has found a European publisher, Innonics. In late October, the publisher will release Jagged Alliance 2.5 - Unfinished Business in Germany, where the original sold more than 150,000 copies, with distribution throughout Europe to follow.

Unfinished Business will add ten new weapons and new characters to the turn-based tactical strategy game. In the expansion, Ricci Mining and Exploration represents a new threat to the country of Arulco, which you and your mercenaries liberated in the first game.

Sirtech's Canadian studio has completed Unfinished Business, but, as with Jagged Alliance 2 last year, it has had some difficulties securing distribution since the closure of Sirtech's publishing arm in 1998. The company is said to be in talks with a US publisher; however, it looks unlikely that TalonSoft, the US publisher of Jagged Alliance 2, will pick up the game. Mike Gathagan of TalonSoft told GameSpot that the company currently has no plans to publish the game.

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