Jagged Alliance 2 returns

Strategy First announces a new Jagged Alliance 2 edition that will bundle the Unfinished Business expansion pack and include improvements from the expansion in the original game.


Strategy First has announced the first product of the acquisition of the Jagged Alliance publishing rights from the series' developer and former publisher, Sirtech. A new product, Jagged Alliance 2: Gold Pack will ship later this summer and will include both Jagged Alliance 2, originally published by TalonSoft, and its expansion pack, Unfinished Business, which was published by Interplay. The new edition will also add features of the expansion pack into the main Jagged Alliance 2 game, notably improved enemy AI, better weapons balance, an enhanced interface, and an "iron man" mode.

"It's very exciting for us to have been able to enhance Jagged Alliance 2 with the improvements that were made for JA2: Unfinished Business," said Ian Currie, the original creator of Jagged Alliance. "We're also very pleased to have Strategy First handling the product and hope that this gives new players the opportunity to experience Jagged Alliance."

Jagged Alliance 2 received a good deal of acclaim when it was released in 1999 for its intense tactical combat, open-ended gameplay, and memorable characters. For more information, read our full review of the game.

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