Jaffe hints at God of War 3

On his personal blog, the iconoclastic designer says he's "confident" the popular action series will become a trilogy.


Among the inner sanctums of game development, David Jaffe is known as something of a paradox--a guy with a knack for both self-deprecating humor and self-promotion. He certainly displayed his dual nature in a post on his personal blog this week, where, after poking gentle fun at himself, he proceeded to talk up his latest project, God of War 2 for the PlayStation 2.

"I can tell you that God of War 2 is shaping up very, very nicely," he boasted in a July 10 post headlined "ESCAPE FROM L.A." "I played a bunch of levels last week and it's really, really fun. The art and music is much better than the first game and there is some damn fine level design going on in the new game. ... This is the second act of a bigger story."

Then Jaffe went on to pique the interest of Kratos groupies everywhere by saying it is looking increasingly likely that there will be a God of War 3. "When you are making a game, you never really know if the game will turn out good enough to merit another one in the series," he said. "But after last week, I can say I am very confident of our chances to be able to complete the God of War trilogy."

Jaffe was quick to qualify his comments by saying, "You never know, but that's me just putting it out there." However, his statement is further indication that a third chapter in the series is being planned, planned, at least by Jaffe. Sony had not commented on its plans for the franchise beyond God of War II, which is currently slated to hit PS2s in February 2007.

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