Jaffe drops hints for next game

Developer resurrects old blog to confirm that PSP project HL is shelved for now, says next game should be out by end of January.


Sony game designer David Jaffe has apparently resurrected his old blog with news of his latest projects. While the God of War director's slate of upcoming titles has been unclear since he finished work on the PlayStation 2 action hit, recent updates indicate that he has stopped working on one project but is getting close to completing another.

As far as the concrete information in the blog, development on Jaffe's PlayStation Portable project, thus far only known as "HL," has been paused.

"That game is--for the moment--on the shelf," Jaffe said of HL. "The core reason is that it was very ambitious and so was/is [the PlayStation 3 game] WarHawk. The same developer is making both games (with some key members shared between both games), so Scott (head of Incog) and I said: f*** it. We'll do HL later...maybe. But for now, let's make something else."

The blog doesn't spell out what that "something else" is, but gives a number of hints about it. For one, Jaffe expects it to be released between November and January, "depending on a handful of factors." It plays in 1080p resolution and has been in development for six or seven months. Beyond that, Jaffe said it is not a game like God of War or HL, but that it has things in common with Bomberman and Twisted Metal.

In a post from last week, Jaffe said, "Sadly, our new game will not be at [Tokyo Game Show 2006] this week but it will be hitting the air waves (as in, you can purchase it from like, you know, the air waves!) in the next few months if all goes well...so stay tuned!"

Given the confirmation that the game plays in 1080p and the above comment, it seems that the designer's next project is a downloadable PS3 game to be distributed over Sony's answer to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

"I CAN [emphasis in original] tell you that man, SHORTER, LESS EXPENSIVE GAMES [emphasis in original]...wow! What a BLAST [emphasis in original] to be working on these things," Jaffe wrote in his latest update. "I feel like the old cartoonists who used to make Bugs and Daffy must have felt, how Rankin-Bass must have felt, pumping out show after show after show...just knocking them out. And some are--worst case--just average, while some are amazing...but it adds up to a hell of a batting average over time and lots of fun games. I have not dug the work this much in ages!"

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