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Jaffe 'couldn't care less' about next generation

Outspoken Twisted Metal, God of War developer says he's in no rush for next wave of consoles, believes next gen will make "ambitious" projects more difficult.


News of the next generation of consoles has sparked gamers' interest, what with word that the next Xbox may not have a disc drive and that the PlayStation 4 is reportedly ditching the Cell processor, but Twisted Metal and God of War developer David Jaffe is not yet compelled by the new technologies.

Jaffe isn't interested in next-gen tech just yet.
Jaffe isn't interested in next-gen tech just yet.

"I couldn't care less about next-gen," Jaffe told Edge. "I started at Sony Imagesoft doing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games, and I went through that to PS1, then PS2, PS3, Vita… You go through the cycle enough and you realize today's 'Oh my f****** God' is tomorrow's 'Ehh, whatever.'"

"Ultimately, this is all going to be yesterday's news and it's about the experience, the game," he added. "Unless we're talking about holodecks, or AI that's so amazing it can actually write a compelling story around you procedurally based on your choices, I'm not interested."

Jaffe told the site that the new generation of consoles will make game development more difficult for "ambitious" projects. He said instead of focusing attention on power, he hopes that console manufacturers aim to create systems with greater functionality.

"I'm no longer that excited about next-gen technology; it means budgets go up," he says. "It sucks. The biggest thing I want is what you get from the PSP and the 3DS; it's always on, there's a sleep mode and I can just hit a button and I'm right back where I was and I don't have to go through all the boot-up s***."

Jaffe is on his way out of Eat Sleep Play, the studio he co-founded in 2007. He will stay on at the company to see Twisted Metal through its international launch. The vehicular combat game shipped in North America last month and makes its way to retail in Europe this Friday.

The longtime developer is planning to open a studio in San Diego, California, though it is not clear what Jaffe will work on there. It was suggested that he would create casual games, but Jaffe clarified, saying, "I have zero plans to make games like Farmville and Angry Birds."

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