Jaedong wins ASUS ROG NorthCon

Jaedong would take his first major StarCraft 2 championship this afternoon, pocketing $10,000 in the process.


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Lee 'Jaedong' Jaedong would best Canadian Zerg Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn with a score of four to two. This win is Lee's, who has seen a handful of second place finishes this year, first major StarCraft 2 championship win.

The the map breakdown can be found below:

Scarlett losesBel'shir VestigeJaedong wins
Scarlett winsAkilon WastesJaedong loses
Scarlett losesDerelict WatcherJaedong wins
Scarlett winsFrostJaedong loses
Scarlett losesWhirlwindJaedong wins
Scarlett losesYeonsuJaedong wins

Lee pocked $10,000 for his efforts. He now sits at 18th overall in StarCraft 2 tournament earnings, passing SK Telecom T1 Jung 'Rain' Yoon Jong with today's win.

Image Credit: ASUS ROG

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