Jade Empire PC kicks down factory door

Special Edition of BioWare's martial-arts-based RPG finishes development; game in stores February 27.


History is repeating itself, as Jade Empire has gone gold...again. Back in April 2005, Xbox owners eagerly awaited the latest offering from role-playing specialists BioWare in Jade Empire. Today, it's PC owners channeling their Chi in anticipation as the gold master of Jade Empire: Special Edition has headed off to factory.

The PC version features the same kung-fu-fighting action in a world inspired by Asian mythology as the Xbox version, with a few bonus features thrown in. The keyboard-and-mouse crew will get enhanced graphics and resolution, a new difficulty level, new monsters, and a few new fighting styles.

Jade Empire: Special Edition will be in stores on February 27. For more information, read GameSpot's previous coverage or the full review of the Xbox version.

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