Jade Cocoon 2 shipping

Ubi Soft announces that its PlayStation 2 RPG with monster-breeding elements is shipping to retailers.


Ubi Soft announced today that Jade Cocoon 2, its RPG with monster-breeding elements for the PlayStation 2, is currently shipping to retailers. As a direct sequel to the original, Jade Cocoon 2 is set centuries after the first Jade Cocoon. You play as Kahu, a young cocoon master who must thwart a parasite called Kalma. Kahu must collect four magical orbs and ultimately defeat Kalma.

Jade Cocoon 2 features 200 cutscenes, English voice-overs, and more than 1,000 character animations. Katsuya Kondou created the characters and monsters for the game, of which there are hundreds. The breeding system used in Jade Cocoon 2 allows players to create an army of monsters and even crossbreed them to create new species. The game employs a turn-based battle system, and up to eight monsters can be used in each battle. In addition to the single-player story mode, a two-player battle mode is also included to allow players to pit their creations against their friends'.

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